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Eurocell makes it a hat-trick with Building Awards 2012

24th February 2012

The Building Awards is the leading Construction industry event of its type and showcases the most innovative products and projects created during the past twelve months.

The Building Awards judging panel commended Eurocell for its £3m investment in enlarging its post-consumer PVC-U recycling operation, which is now the largest facility in the UK with a capacity to process up to 12,000 end-of-life window frames per week.

The investment was made by Eurocell at a time when many businesses in the sector were reigning in their capital budgets. The Buildings Awards judging panel took into consideration the financial performance and strategic direction of all shortlisted companies.

"Eurocell has demonstrated a clear commitment to creating a sustainable, low carbon manufacturing business"

Eurocell demonstrated that it continues to grow market share in windows and roofline markets, in what is a mature sector. It is one of the few companies in the industry to achieve growth during 2011, continuing its record of 10 years’ consecutive growth.
The Building Award judges recognised how Eurocell uses material from its enlarged recycling facility to manufacture new, energy efficient window products in what is a completely closed-loop recycling process – many of the end-of-life frames are recycled to make new, energy efficient window products before being delivered back to the same construction sites from which the they were removed.

building-award-feb-2012-logoAll Eurocell post-consumer recycling and subsequent manufacture of new products is carried out in the same geographic area, which means the company can proudly state that its products are ‘Made and recycled in Derbyshire’.

In terms of new product development, the innovative new Aspect panoramic door system was highly commended by the judges, who recognised how it is changing the perception of PVC-U bi-fold door systems. Numerous patented features, unbeatable aesthetics and a price point that makes the range affordable to more market sectors has resulting in very strong sales since it was launched in May 2011.

building-award-feb-2012-2A spokesperson from the Building Awards said: “Eurocell was shortlisted in this year’s award because it has demonstrated a clear commitment to creating a sustainable, low carbon manufacturing business, whilst adding value to customers in terms of products and services. It is a business that delivers on its brand promise of ‘All together better’.”

Chris Coxon, Marketing Manager at Eurocell, said: “We have made significant advances across our business in terms of post consumer recycling, innovative new product development and offering value added services to our customers. As a business we continue to focus on providing the building and specification sector with a complete building plastics solution.”

The Building Awards final is being held on the 18th April at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

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