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Strength, stability and choice.

If you’ve been looking around for replacement UPVC doors and UPVC windows, we’re guessing this isn’t the first website you’ve arrived at. After all, there’s no shortage of companies out there and the more you look at, the better your idea of what you can get for your money.

Having all that choice is good for you, because it forces companies to be more competitive. And it’s good for us because it means we have to stay on our toes and keep on innovating to make sure we offer the best combination of quality and service.

Of course, every website you visit will try and convince you that’s the case! So now you’re here, why not take a few minutes to look at all the reasons we think Eurocell is worth putting on your shortlist?

Size matters

First of all, Eurocell is the UK’s biggest manufacturer and distributor of UPVC products for the home.

Founded in 1974, the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2015. Our branch network numbers over 150. We support over 10,000 independent installers who choose to fit our products. And we employ a 1000+ strong skilled workforce in our factories.

Not that big is automatically best, of course (in fact, in a moment we’re going to tell you how our support of small, independent installers in your area helps you get even better service and value for money).

But what it gives you is a sense of our track record over the last forty years or so and a measure of confidence that we’ll still be going strong in another ten years if it comes to honouring any of our extensive guarantees.

National business, local values

The Eurocell installer network covers the whole of the UK, so there’s bound to be one of them near you. The difference is, unlike the branded franchise networks that the other big double glazing companies operate, our installers are all independent businesses in their own right.

That means they have fewer overheads and far more flexibility with their prices than the high street window and door companies.

We support them with marketing tools, training resources and industry leading products that fit flawlessly, first time. They pass the value on to you in a more competitive price, a faster, hassle free installation and the kind of personal service you only get from a dedicated local business.

To find an installer in your area, just call us on 0300 333 6525, use the branch finder tool to contact your local branch, or fill in our quick contact form here.

More to choose from

Think UPVC and you automatically tend to think of replacement double glazed windows. That’s not surprising. They’re the bread and butter of the industry, after all. But with advances in design and materials technology, there’s so much more to UPVC nowadays than the standard replacement window - and nowhere more so than here at Eurocell.

If UPVC windows are what brought you to our site, you’ve got more than enough to choose from. Everything from the ever popular top hung or side hung casement style to the advanced Modus system that gives you literally thousands of options for the design, colour and profile of your new windows.

Along the way, you can browse our vertical sliding windows, the 21st century equivalent of the classic sash design; flexible tilt and turn models that open at the top or from the side; and our range of reversible widows that rotate 180 degrees within their frame to make cleaning easier and safer.

All available in a wide choice of colours to suit every architectural style and all boasting some of the best energy efficiency ratings on the market.

Opening doors to a better choice

Accompanying our window ranges is a choice of UPVC and composite front doors embracing everything from modern styles to traditional Victorian and Georgian designs that are perfect for period properties.

Our patio doors, French doors and spectacular Aspect bifold doors system give you plenty of options for the back of the house, allowing you to open up your living room and let the outside in during the summer months while enjoying maximum security and energy efficiency the whole year round.

Conservatory comfort

If you want to extend your living space, Eurocell conservatories are available in a range of designs and sizes that make them suitable for most homes. You can even specify a composite tiled roof that regulates the temperature in your conservatory so it can be used winter and summer.

More and more popular nowadays, lantern roofs are a great way to let daylight into underlit flat roof extensions or garage conversions. Our Skypod range features ultra-slim glazing bars to let more light in while sporting the same sleek styling and colour options as our UPVC window ranges to coordinate their appearance.

We even manufacturer UPVC soffits and fascia boards to protect the timbers of your roof from damp and rot without the regular chore of sanding and painting that comes with traditional wooden boards.

A greener choice

UPVC is a highly sustainable material - if only for the fact that it can be recycled and reused up to ten times before there’s any appreciable loss of quality or performance.

Some UPVC, however, is more sustainable than others. Particularly Eurocell UPVC.

If the environment is high on your list of priorities, you’ll be pleased to know our products are consistently higher in recycled UPVC than most other manufacturers’. Our Modus profiles, for instance, are at least 50% recycled.

That’s possible because of our recent £3m investment in a brand new recycling plant in Derbyshire - the largest and most advanced of its kind in the UK. Instead of sending old UPVC window and door frames abroad to be scrapped, we’re able to process them much closer to home. Resulting in a much lower carbon footprint for our new products and, ultimately, for the homes they go into.

The last word: Our awards and accreditations.

We believe our product range, precision engineering and the service and value you get from Eurocell installers makes us the natural choice for all things UPVC. But then we would say that, wouldn’t we?

So perhaps it’s worth listing all the independent accreditations and certificates Eurocell have been awarded by industry bodies and regulators - not to mention our 10 year (link) and even 20 year guarantees (link) - to help you draw your own conclusions.

(Case studies links) BBA (logo) All our products carry British Board of Agrément certification- the leading certification for building products of every kind

BRE A+ (logo) The Building Research Establishment tests and rates windows according to an industry agreed scale, with A++ being the highest award

Secured by Design (logo) This Police approved rating ensures high levels of protection against forced entry. Aspect is the only bi-fold door system to carry this certification

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