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Why Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a modern, efficient and cost effective heating solution which is proving more and more popular among homeowners and builders today. This is because it provides even heat distribution, increases comfort and is easy to install; as a result, it can be used as either a primary or secondary heat source in any room throughout the home – without the need for unsightly wall mounted radiators.
WarmupRunning costs are low and the wide variety of options available offer systems that are easy to install – with only a qualified electrician required for the final connection – making underfloor heating truly an affordable luxury.

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Advantages of underfloor heating over conventional radiators.

less dust
Very Low convection means less dust circulated
reduced dust mites
Reduced dust and carpet mites
bare feet
More comfortable under bare feet
no radiators
No radiators means total design freedom

Electric or water-based underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating comes in two types: electric and water-based (often called wet or hydronic), with both often combined for a hybrid solution. The recommended system to use will depend on a variety of factors such as sub-floor type, floor covering to be used and whether the installation is for a new build or renovation. Even if the system is for an existing floor, low profile solutions mean that heating can have minimal impact on floor height.

Underfloor heating

Radiators vs. Underfloor Heating

We all love radiators, they’re often the only source of heat in a room and we find ourselves drawn to them, standing against them to warm ourselves in the morning or even using them as handy clothes dryers!

But did you know that traditional radiators can be quite inefficient?

Drying clothes on our radiators is actually a bad idea. Doing so puts too much moisture into the air in your house. This results in condensation, which we see on our windows, and can promote damp. For more information on how to avoid condensation on your windows read our helpful guide here

Radiators are also usually placed directly below a rooms main window in an effort to combat cold drafts. However this forces warm air upwards towards the ceiling and, as we all learned in GCSE science, heat rises. The result? A warm head and cold feet.

Now considering that heat rises, the principle of underfloor heating is that the largest surface in your room becomes the heat source. The heat still rises but not from one single source, rather, it passes through your space heating the passive air as it rises resulting in a warmer, more evenly heated room. Your socks and smalls are better off drying in a well ventilated area reducing the condensation in your room too.

Also, consider the layout options you’re restricted to when losing a wall to a radiator. With Warmup Underfloor Heating you can put your sofa or TV in a new place and now you don't have to tuck your curtains up onto the window cill any more meaning your whole room will feel so much bigger.

Simply put, Underfloor Heating heats more efficiently, frees up your wall space and reduces condensation all in one smart concealed solution.

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