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About Hollow Decking

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Composite Wood Company Hollow Decking is perfect for gardens, patios, pool areas and holiday homes. Its recycled wood polymer construction makes it much more durable than timber. It is strong enough to withstand stiletto heels and is naturally slip resistant and splinter free.

Scrubbing and staining your deck is a thing of the past. It comes in 4 natural shades that resist the fading caused by sunlight and air pollutants, the colour is also consistent through the entire core of the product. At a glance: Composite Wood Company decking is an environmentally friendly way to enjoy your garden all year round. Unlike plastic decking, balustrade and fencing, composite wood has a natural look and feel of real wood. With 60% timber content it offers all the benefits of wood without the splinters or maintenance. Composite Wood Company decking and fencing is fully RoHS Green Product compliant and is manufactured from recycled material, making it the green choice for your garden. 

Composite Wood Company garden products are made using a unique homogenous wood polymer construction that maintains its high performance for years and years with no need for time consuming painting and maintenance. 

Composite Wood Company Decking and Balustrade come with a 25 year warranty. 

This covers manufacture defects that result in warping, cracking, splitting, rotting, fungal decay, when subject to normal use.
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