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The difference is night and day.

If you’re looking to specify a conservatory roof that offers greater thermal efficiency, with U-values as low as 0.15, and lower noise levels than conventional conservatory roofs, while complying with all Building Regulations – Equinox is the solution

Outdoor rooms you can use every day 

Without constant heating or cooling, traditional conservatories with glazed or polycarbonate roofs can rarely be used all year round. Eurocell now offers an advanced, solid and fully insulated roof system that enables any occasionally used conservatory to be transformed into an every-day living space.

The Equinox tiled oof system

The easy way to revitalise old conservatory roofs 

Equinox is a fully insulated tiled roof system, available in kits for simple retrofitting to existing conservatories. It’s the ideal replacement for aging glass or polycarbonate roofs – or as an alternative roof for brand new conservatories.

Energy-saving design for year-round comfort

The roof has solid insulation panels integrated within the structure, achieving an incredibly low U-value of 0.15. Such superior energy efficiency means no more extremes of temperature inside the conservatory, making it a comfortable room in all weathers.

Attractive styling – inside and out

The roof can be fitted with slate-style tiles or standard tiles in a range of colours to complement any property. The internal surface of the roof can be finished with a modern plasterboard or tongue and groove timber ceiling, creating the look and feel of a conventional home extension.

Equinox_Premium3 Equinox_Premium1 Equinox_Premium2

Exciting alternative to conventional conservatory roofs

Equinox conservatory roofs offer an exciting new roofing option, enabling you to specify a robust, energy-efficient and attractive alternative to conventional conservatory roofs.

The Equinox roof enables you to transform under-used and uncomfortable conservatories into genuine extensions of the living space in any property, creating cosy, welcoming rooms for year-round use. 


You should seek the advice of your local planning authority before starting any building project. Details of your local planning department can be found at

Under current editions of the Building Regulations, Building Control approval is required for any alterations to structures under 30m2. Planning Permission and Building Control approval is required for any structure over 30m2.

Some unscrupulous suppliers may suggest that Building Control consent is not required for replacement conservatory roof projects. This is incorrect and misleading. However, in Eurocell’s experience, different authorities have different procedures for gaining consent, which in many cases are very simple and straightforward.

The benefits of the new roof include:

  • Improved energy efficiency for reduced heating bills
  • Creates comfortable, versatile rooms that are warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Reduced weather noise 
  • Attractive addition to any property, with a choice of tile colours and styles
  • Architectural interior finish, with plaster or timber ceilings


Maintain bright and airy interiors

To maintain the bright, spacious ambience of a conventional conservatory, Equinox roofs can be fitted with a range of roof lights that flood the interior with natural light. That means you don’t have to sacrifice the light and airy conservatory feel when you specify a solid tiled roof. 

Quality-assured roof designed for easy installation

The Equinox conservatory roof is fully compliant with Building Regulations Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) and is covered by a ten-year guarantee. 

The lightweight system makes installation quick and simple, while ensuring a high-quality finish. The roof can be fitted to conservatories of any shape or size, including double hipped, gable, Edwardian, Victorian and P-shaped conservatories.

Choice of appealing, long-life roof tiles

The Equinox conservatory roof can be fitted with two types of hard-wearing roof tile:  

- Premium composite roof slates

Manufactured from a recyclable blend of slate and polypropylene, Composite slate tiles offer the authentic natural look of traditional slate roofs but with no risk of shattering, fading, warping or cracking.

- Standard steel tiles

Metro tiles are made from lightweight steel, available in a choice of colours to suit your customers’ preferences. The colours available are Charcoal, Antique Red and Burnt Umber.

Styles options to suit any home

Compatible with any conservatory roof style

From Edwardian, to Victorian and from Double hipped to Gable Ended.

equinox-style-option-1 equinox-style-option-2 equinox-style-option-3 equinox-style-option-4

Internal roof finishes

Your customers can choose from plaster or tongue and groove for that perfect finish.

equinox-internal-option-1 equinox-internal-option-2

External options

From roof windows to coloured fascias, soffits and guttering.

equinox-external-option-1 equinox-external-option-2

Standard tile finishes

A lightweight steel roofing system that matches traditional roofing systems, in Charcoal, Antique Red or Burnt umber.

equinox-tile-option-charcoal equinox-tile-option-antique-red equinox-tile-option-burnt-upmber

Premium tile finishes

Lightweight recyclable polypropylene composite roof slates that look virtually identical to traditional slate, in Brick Red, Pewter Grey, Stone Black or Chestnut.

equinox-tile-finish-brick-red equinox-tile-finish-pewter-grey equinox-tile-finish-stone-black equinox-tile-finish-chestnut

Compatible with premium-quality roof lights 

A choice of high-quality, market-leading roof lights is available for easy fitting into the roof system. Contact Eurocell today for full details of the products available.

Available for rapid delivery – nationwide 

The Equinox roof is available from Eurocell with a lead time of five working days.  

Equinox – Tiled Roof System

To find out more about the Equinox conservatory roof system fill in our quick contact form or call Eurocell today on 0300 333 6525 

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