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UPVC Dry Verge & Ubiflex Lead-Free Flashing

buy dryverge onlineSafe and easy-to-install roof finishing components to create Contact Eurocellsecure, weather-proof and attractive roofs

Eurocell branches offer two essential roofing products that enable you to complete every roofing job to a high standard of security and weather resistance.

Dry Verge

Our innovative dry verge and lead-free flashing products have been specially designed for rapid, accurate and safe installation – meeting the high-performance demands of modern buildings.

UPVC dry verge – attractive, weather-proof and pest-proof, easy-to-fit roof edging

Eurocell PVC-U dry verge is specially designed to neaten up roof edges and block any gaps that could permit infestation of the roof space. It makes an attractive, no-maintenance edging to any roof. It can be retro-fitted to existing buildings, as well as being ideal for the new-build sector.

Why choose UPVC dry verge from Eurocell?

  • Mortar-free solution that's simple to fix, avoiding the need for wet trades.
  • Compatible with most concrete or clay interlocking tiles.
  • Available in four colours to complement any architecture.
  • Simple, secure clip fixing system makes it easy to install and avoids the problem of wind uplift.
  • System includes left and right-handed dry verge, eaves and ridge closers, batten-end clip and ridge-end caps.
  • Suitable for all-weather fixing.
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards and British Board of Agrément (BBA) accredited. 

Lead Free Flashing

Ubiflex lead-free flashing – the sustainable, cost-effective, easy-to-handle alternative to lead flashing

As the price of lead continues to rise, along with concerns about its environmental impact, Ubiflex lead-free flashing represents the perfect alternative to lead flashing. It combines a special polyethin compound with aluminium mesh reinforcement, and is quick and easy to fit. It can be shaped and moulded just like lead and is suitable for most applications where lead is traditionally used.


Why choose Ubiflex lead-free flashing?


  • 80% lighter than lead flashing, making it easier and safer to handle in tricky rooftop locations.
  • Easy to cut with a sharp knife and up to 50% quicker to install than lead flashing.
  • Highly malleable and mouldable, and can be worked in both directions.
  • Corrosion and wind resistant, and even self-sealing if punctured.
  • Ubiflex flashing has no re-sale value as scrap, unlike lead, so is of no interest to thieves.
  • Non-toxic, 100% recyclable with a considerably lower carbon footprint than lead.
  • Can be fixed using sealant tape, silicone, traditional chase-and-wedge methods, a heat gun or nails.
  • Compatible with all common building materials and components, such as thermal panels, extract flues, ventilators and rooflights.
  • Can be used to form damp-proof courses and cavity trays in masonry walls.
  • Supplied with a 25-year guarantee when used as a flashing or valley lining.
  • British Board of Agrément (BBA) certified product, for complete quality assurance.


Roof finishing components delivered direct to your site


UPVC dry verge and Ubiflex lead-free flashing can be delivered to your site FREE on orders of £100 and over. 24-hour delivery is available on in-branch orders, while online orders are delivered within 48 hours, subject to stock availability.

More information and ordering

For more information about UPVC dry verge or Ubiflex lead-free flashing, or if you'd like to place an order, please contact us today – or call us today on 0300 333 6525.

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