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Capping Board Fitting Instructions

Download these instructions in PDF format

9mm foam fascia detail (capping board)

  1. All existing fascia material should be removed, and structural timbers checked for any evidence of rotting (and replaced, where required, using treated timber). Likewise the roofing felt should be inspected for any sign of damage and replaced accordingly

  2. All standard and ogee capping boards 150mm - 300mm in depth should be fixed to a 6mm external quality plywood backboard, ensuring the profile follows a straight line between the rafter. Although not advised if secured to an existing timber fascia, all rotten wood must be removed and replaced with timber that has been treated with a wood preservative

  3. The capping boards should be secured to each rafter using 2 x 50mm stainless steel nails. These products are not load bearing, and all roof tiles must be supported by a tilting fillet, which deflects the bottom tile from the top of the fascia

  4. The fixing of finishing trims follows the same procedure as the thicker Euroboard fascias (see page 13), and guttering should be secured to every rafter using the manufacturer recommended fixing instructions

9mm foam soffit detail

  1. Ensure that prior to fixing soffits, the preservative treatment to the structural timber has dried out

  2. All utility boards 100mm-605mm in width should be fixed at a maximum of 600mm centres

  3. If no ventilation is required, the utility board is fitted on top of the capping board leg and secured to the soffit batten using 30mm stainless steel fixing pins

  4. If soffit ventilation is required, the Eurosoffit board (available in 150mm-605mm widths) gives a 10mm or 25mm air gap required for roofs with a pitch in excess of 15˚

  5. An alternative method of soffit ventilation sees the rigid soffit ventilator joining the capping board to the utility board

9mm hollow soffit detail

Please follow the details shown on our fascia board fitting guide, substituting the 18mm Euroboard full replacement system with the 9mm capping board replacement system

Examples of Use