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Pergola Perfection: 5 Creative Uses for Your Garden’s Showpiece

8 February 2023

Installing a garden pergola is a quick and simple way to add value and extra practicality to your home. Your outdoor space becomes usable even in the UK’s typically wet conditions. And with today’s modern designs, a good pergola will easily add a design flourish that will create instant kerb appeal. 

Best of all, most verandas or garden pergolas don’t require planning permission, so there’s no reason to hold back. Start your planning today!

Five clever ways to use pergola

One of the favourite uses of pergolas is to provide a dry place to park your car, making it easy to get from your vehicle to your home without getting soaked. But that’s just one idea, and the beauty of a pergola is that it offers so much more potential than that. If you’re struggling for inspiration, these brilliant ideas should give you plenty to think about. 

1. Build a play space the kids will love

With the elements out of the picture, you’ve suddenly got extra space to create a spectacular playpit for your children or grandchildren. You could install a sandpit and be confident that the rain won’t cause damage. You could create a designated space where they can leave their outdoor toys. Or you could even add extra features like a soft play mat and child-size tables and chairs where they could play and craft during the warmer summer months.

2. Add outdoor storage options

Declutter your property with outdoor storage solutions that give you vital extra space to keep things neat and tidy. Having the option of outdoor storage boxes that you know won’t get wet is perfect for storing everything from tools, garden furniture and wood supplies through to rarely-used possessions that can’t simply be thrown away. Just remember to make sure everything is securely locked!

3. Create a sitting area

Whether you’re pausing your work for a relaxing cup of tea or hosting friends and family who’ve come to visit, having a sheltered seating area is a brilliant addition to any property. You’ll get the space and freedom to switch off, relax, and enjoy the fresh air. And even if the weather is a bit chilly, being covered makes things so much more comfortable.

4. Construct a laundry centre

Install a washing line directly underneath your pergola and you’ve got a dry outdoor space you can use to get your clothes dry far more often than with a traditional garden washing line. And with the cost of energy being so high, any opportunity to not switch on the dryer should be warmly welcomed.

5. Grow plants in relative safety

Good shelter is essential for seeds or repotted house plants – and a veranda makes a great option, allowing you to keep things growing even when the weather might normally be true much for smaller plants.


Eurocell’s pergolas and verandas are durable, weatherproof, and precision-engineered. Browse our range and buy online today.


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