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5 Cool Tricks to Beat the Heat in Your Conservatory This Summer

9 August 2022
5 ways to keep your conservatory cool this summer

9th August 2022

With the baking temperatures of summer in full swing, many are looking for different ways to keep cool and comfortable inside their homes. When it comes to how to make a conservatory cool, however, it can often feel like a losing battle.

Whether you're the proud owner of a modern conservatory or you prefer traditional Edwardian conservatories, these soothing spaces allow you to bask in natural light, all year-round. But it's thanks to these relentless sunrays that the temperature can rise to uncomfortable levels in summer, forcing you to retreat further indoors.

Well, we’re here to help you beat the heat. From small tweaks to larger investments, you too can find many ways to keep your conservatory cool.

Keep reading, below, to see some of our top tips for keeping your conservatory cool this summer.

1. Limit the light


While a well-insulated conservatory with UPVC windows is a godsend during the throes of winter, this same heat retention can turn your conservatory into a greenhouse in the summer.

Now, this isn't to say you need to blackout your conservatory. With just a few tweaks, you can enjoy your bright conservatory without breaking into a sweat. It's merely a case of moderating the light, usually by installing window blinds.

For the best cooling results, you need use them at the right time too. By keeping blinds down before the sun gets too high, you can limit the heat that comes with it. Shut your east-facing conservatory blinds before the sun rises and keep them all closed around midday. This way, you'll be best prepared to keep direct sunlight from heating up your conservatory.

While it's not the cheapest option, installing conservatory blinds is typically seen as the most effective way of keeping a conservatory cool.

2. Use cooling film

If a new set of blinds is a little too expensive for your budget, consider cooling your conservatory with the aptly named cooling film. This solar film is applied to conservatory glass, limiting incoming heat, reducing glare, and even minimising the effect of harmful UV rays.

The most effective way to keep conservatories cool with cooling film is to apply it to the glass roof. They're especially useful on Skypod window lantern roof systems, which only allow natural light in via their skylights, where the heating effect is minimised.

For a more permanent and personalised alternative, you can go the extra mile and invest in coloured glass. Not only is this as effective, if not more so, than cooling film, but you can match the colour of the glass to the frames.

3. Improve décor with plants


Keeping a conservatory cool is not just about tweaking the windows and roof, you can also beat the heat with some clever interior design choices.

For example, brighten up the colour palette of your sun-lit extension to keep your conservatory cool. Simply put, darker colours absorb more heat, meaning even black or navy throw pillows can make your conservatory feel warmer in the height of summer.

Instead, think lighter rugs, throw blankets, and even furniture if possible. Breathable sofas and armchairs, in particular, are great for this, as it improves the airflow within your conservatory. We're talking rattan furniture or sofas with light cotton or linen upholstery.

Another alternative is to make good use of plants. Not only can large, leafy plants provide extra shade, but they also cool the air around them. Some plants, such as Ficus Trees and Aloe Vera, release moisture during transpiration, which can reduce the temperature of a room by several degrees. This means that plant life can add that extra edge when aiming for a cool summer.

4. Consider tile flooring

While you’re redecorating with a lighter and brighter theme, investing in lighter-coloured flooring can also work wonders in keeping a conservatory cool. Since darker colours retain heat, lighter floors will naturally be cooler. Anyone who’s stepped on black flooring that’s stayed in the sun all day can attest to how hot it can get underfoot!

Better yet, changing dark floors for lighter ones is made more effective when opting for natural stone tiles for flooring. Stone flooring is cool to the touch and doesn't retain heat nearly as much as carpet.

Naturally, a colder floor is great in the summer, but some may be concerned about being too cold in the winter. However, you can put down some rugs when the months get colder to improve heat retention or install underfoot heating for a more energy-efficient option.


5. Replace the roof

Glass conservatory roofs are fantastic for letting light in, but when you're aiming to keep a conservatory cool, it's worth considering your options.

One such effective alternative is installing a tiled conservatory roof as this limits the light coming in. Better yet, this style of conservatory roof can keep a conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter by improving the insulation. This means it minimises heat coming in and out of the home, giving you 'best of both worlds' situation, all year round.

As a bonus, it can also be easier to install a ceiling fan on these roofs as an extra measure to try and keep your conservatory cool. While it's might not be cheap to install, it’ll be more cost-effective in the long term, especially when considering alternatives like air conditioning.

Help make your conservatory cool with Eurocell

Here at Eurocell, we know conservatories inside and out. With our market-leading sustainable UPVC products, you'll find plenty that can help you keep cool in both your conservatory and your home. To find out more about our range of products, browse our website, or contact one of our expert advisors on 03301 737 159.
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