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Eurocells Logik window systems at Brabazon, Bristol

18 April 2024


  • Eurocell and Glevum were commissioned to help YTL Developments revitalise the historic Brabazon site, envisioning a new-build home site with bespoke window and door systems. 


  • Eurocell’s Logik flush sash and tilt and turn systems were chosen for their cost-effectiveness, sleek design and sustainability, successfully meeting the demands of the project.


  • The 10-year project will see Eurocell and Glevum continue their strong collaboration to implement a new standard for contemporary living at the Brabazon site. 



The Brabazon site, steeped in history as Bristol’s former British Aerospace hub, and the birthplace of Concorde, holds a special place in the hearts of Bristolians. In 2018, YTL Developments embarked on a mission to revitalise the once-derelict area, envisioning a vibrant new neighbourhood that pays homage to its heritage, while embracing modernity. 

Key to this vision was the need for bespoke window and door systems that seamlessly integrate functionality with slimline and high-end aesthetics, all the while fitting into a tight timeframe of 10,000 new-build homes within 10 years. 

The new neighbourhood will include co-working offices, pocket parks, schools, nurseries and a new train station, connecting Brabazon to Bristol Temple Meads in under 15 minutes - a huge undertaking.




To address the demands of the project, YTL Developments turned to Eurocell in the first instance, due to their long-standing partnership. Through collaboration in the design phase, Eurocell’s Logik flush sash and tilt and turn systems were selected.


This decision was made due to the window system’s lower costs than aluminium; the sleek and modern design, combined with its sustainability attributes, was an added bonus. With a U-value of 1.2 for double-glazed units, these window systems meet the demands of the new Future Homes standard, enhancing the project's sustainability credentials.


Tasked with crafting and mass-producing the systems tailored to the site’s requirements, Eurocell partnered with Glevum, a leading fabricator and installer, to ensure seamless implementation of its solutions on the site. Using the approved designs from the initial planning phase, Eurocell manufactured the window profiles and provided Glevum with them, ready for installation. 




Despite being only a fraction complete, the collaborative efforts of Eurocell and Glevum have already proven to be crucial to the project. The Logik flush sash and tilt and turn systems deliver on their promises, meeting both the functionality and aesthetic requirements outlined in the brief, delivering a contemporary and ‘one of a kind’ allure.


Mike Donaldson, Managing Director at Glevum, added: 

“Our collaboration with Eurocell on the Brabazon project has been nothing short of exceptional. From the initial planning stage to the installation, Eurocell’s Logik window systems have consistently impressed us with their quality, performance and sustainability credentials.

“The Brabazon project is of mammoth scale, but the aesthetics already have an exclusive, high-end feel.“



Improvements in aesthetics

Logik windows stand out for their contemporary style and diverse colour palette, including the increasingly popular Anthracite Gray, Chartwell Green and Cream, providing designers and homeowners with ample flexibility for their upcoming projects. 


Angus Cowie, Business Development Manager at Eurocell commented:

“I have been involved in this project since the very beginning, and we have seen the Logik Window systems put to good use. Their sleek lines, modern design elements, and attention to detail have seamlessly integrated with the architectural vision, contributing to a visually appealing outcome. 

“The tilt and turn style of the windows is a popular choice at the moment, it combines the benefits of a large area of glass with the ease of cleaning, while the innovative mechanism can be opened inward resulting in more efficient ventilation within the home. 

“As seen at the Brabazon site, the stylish aesthetics and unrivalled range of colour options can support ambitious design choices.”


Logik system's sustainability credentials key for this project

Discussing the Logik window range, Angus added: “Logik’s range of windows feature a multi-chambered cross-section that helps prevent heat loss and enhance thermal efficiency, meaning that it can meet the highest energy efficiency ratings.”

Boasting its exceptional air and noise insulation, strong security, and long-term robustness, Eurocell’s Logik windows keep heat within the property and the delivery of an overall U-value of 1.2 helps optimise energy consumption and lower carbon levels. 

Eurocell is committed to driving efforts to deliver product solutions that support a greener future. Thanks to our market-leading recycling operations we transform old PVC-U window and door frame waste into new PVC-U extrusions for the manufacture of attractive and sustainable products through our closed-loop recycling system.  

The modern and slimline aesthetics are a testament to the comprehensive collaboration efforts of YTL Developments, Glevum and Eurocell. The Logik flush sash and tilt and turn systems have played a pivotal role in blending functionality, a high-end allure, with sustainability and energy efficiency. 


Feedback from stakeholders, including Mike from Glevum, highlights Eurocell’s commitment to excellence, with its systems not only honouring Brabazon’s heritage but also setting a new standard for contemporary living. 


If you have any questions or would like more information then please email: newbuild@eurocell.co.uk or call 0870 120 3003.


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