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The Superior Aluminium Alternative by Eurocell: A Case Analysis

8 April 2015

Aluminium Alternative

AJS Windows and Doors Installing Grey Eurologik

Eurologik in grey offers cost-effective alternative to aluminium

AJS Windows & Doors Ltd, a Eurocell fabricator based in Warley, West Midlands, recently fitted 13 separate sections of curtain walling on a new apartment block in Lenton, Nottingham, using the Eurocell Eurologik system.

The fabricator, which operates across the Midlands, installed Eurologik in light grey to match the aluminium frames used on the first phase of the project, which consisted of 41 private apartments. Light grey PVC-u in the Eurologik system was chosen for the second phase because it provided a more cost-effective method of creating the curtain walling. Aluminium had proved to be expensive and the client was looking for a better value for money solution.

Coloured PVC-u has gained popularity with many developers, particularly grey, which is now being used to give a more contemporary look to PVC-u windows. Eurologik is also the preferred choice with many architects and specifers because its slimmer sightlines create the visual appearance of high-end aluminium systems. This effect is created because the fully bevelled profiles visually reduce the frame proportion in relation to the glass area.

Roy O’Sullivan, Managing Director of AJS Windows & Doors, explains: “As soon as we presented the Eurologik system in light grey to the client, they knew it was the solution to the soaring aluminium prices. They particularly liked the Eurocell system because it was an extremely close match to the aluminium sections used on the first phase of the project.”

The 13 curtain wall sections are designed to provide an open and airy feel to the stairways that lead to the 145 apartments. AJS Windows & Doors fabricated and installed the frames into the steel curtain wall framework. The Eurologik frames were made using acoustic glass to reduce noise levels, providing residents with quieter and more comfortable apartments.

In addition to the 13 separate curtain walls, AJS fitted grey Eurologik tilt-and-turn windows, along with sliding patio doors. Roy O’Sullivan, says: “Being able to use the Eurologik system for the curtain walling, windows and patio doors was a definite advantage for us in terms of fabrication efficiency. It also meant that the client had a perfect colour match throughout the development, which was important in creating a high-specification feel.”

Eurologik has common glass sizes for internal and external glazed windows and doors, which helped AJS hugely on site – allowing the frames to be glazed from the inside and therefore eliminated the need for scaffolding. Roy O’Sullivan adds: “This is a major benefit for both us and the developer because it enables a quicker and safer installation of the glass on site.”

The Eurologik system is designed around a 70mm front-to-back dimension, making it suitable for both new-build and refurbishments projects. Along with white, Eurocell offers the system in a range of standard colours, including grey and cream, along with Rosewood and Golden Oak finishes. Holding grey in stock ensures quicker turnaround of orders for those fabricators looking to offer PVC-u as an alternative to aluminium.

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