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An interview with Gary Doxey

12 April 2022

12th April 2022

Gary Doxey is Eurocell's Commercial Manager, who has been with the business for 5 years. He has recently taken on some additional responsibilities in his role leading the Technical Engineers.
We sat down with Gary to discuss his role and the impact these changes will have on our customers.

What’s recently changed with your job role? Why was this implemented?

The fundamentals of my role haven’t really changed; however, it now incorporates the Technical Services team. As a business we believe that the Technical Service team is the best in this industry, the knowledge, expertise and experience is unrivalled, the team we have is fantastic and I am extremely proud to be leading this talented group.

We’re now working to ensure that the technical teams are better aligned with the Sales and Commercial teams, allowing us to have a more integrated and customer centric model. After speaking to the customers, it’s clear how valued our engineers are and it’s my aim to make sure that we build on that.

I am passionate about what we do and making sure that the team have everything in place to continue to be the best. I don't believe in standing still, I continually look forward seeking ways to improve processes, services and training.

What are your goals with the engineers?

We have sat down as a Technical Service team and agreed what’s good and how we can seek out the improvements to continue to move forward. For me, the key to anything is having strategic, well planned, easy to follow objectives to reach your goals.

The goals we have set all centre around the “Customer First - Service Lead” approach and how we can be as agile, knowledgeable and approachable as possible. The passion of the team to listen to the customer, provide solutions and talk them through any challenges is already there, doing this at every opportunity is the simple goal. The team are putting these processes in place to enable this and when that’s done, as a team - we will go through the same process again to find more improvements!

How will this impact our customers?

Our customers will benefit from the growing agility and knowledge that our technicians now have.

The team have highlighted their own gaps and we have implemented training plans aligning these to make sure that we continue to invest in training to deliver a consistent service.

As a collective we have extremely varied day to day activities, but we are ensuring we stay agile enough to support customers in day-to-day challenges.

If customers require an engineer visit, who should they contact?

Our customers can contact the Service Engineer directly or alternatively the Technical Service Support office on techsupport@eurocell.co.uk or 0333 321 2353.

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