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Autumnal Assurance: Eurocell's Essential Home Security Tips

15 October 2021

15th October 2021

Autumn home security tips to protect your property

Prepare your home for the clock’s going back with the help of National Home Security Month

As the clocks go back this October, did you know you’re statistically more likely to be the target of burglary? Thieves typically prefer to operate under the cover of darkness, so the autumn months and nights drawing in make for the perfect conditions for a stealthy burglar.

Recent statistics from Aviva Insurance also revealed that 55% of burglaries occur when it’s dark1, making October the perfect month to prioritise protecting your home from this threat.

And to offer tips and advice to secure your home this October, and for the seasons beyond, we have once again joined forces with National Home Security Month (NHSM).

Designed to highlight the importance of protecting your home as the clocks go back and nights start drawing in, NHSM is an awareness campaign, from the home security experts, Yale, which runs throughout October to help protect what matters most to you.

So, with autumn in full swing, how can you help protect what matters most to you? Well, our experts here at Eurocell Home want to help you upgrade your home security this autumn, by offering their top tips to protecting your property ready for the season.

From door cylinders to window locks, it’s essential that homeowners look to invest in high quality products that will secure their home against a range of burglary attack methods.

A first step to improve your home security this National Home Security Month is to look at your home from the outside and view any weak spots. This could be your front door, windows, side gates or garage - any obvious weak security hotspots will also be obvious to passing opportunists looking for an easy target.

Good front door security is essential at all times of year, but even more so during the autumn winter months when darker nights mean criminals can hide under the cover of darkness. With figures from the Office of National Statistics suggesting that 76% of household burglaries in England and Wales occurred when the culprit accessed the home through a door2, it shows just how important protecting this area of the home can be.

You can help to put a good level of defence against burglars by ensuring your door cylinder is up to scratch. A cheap, flimsy cylinder can easily be broken by a range of burglary attack methods, so it’s essential to invest in a design that offers the highest level of protection.

A 3-Star Cylinder, which comes as standard with Eurocell Home’s range of doors, offers the maximum level of security for locking systems and helps to protect against a range of known cylinder attacks including anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-snap.

Our range of composite doors, including the popular Dales door collection, have been designed to meet the highest security standards, including PAS24 accreditation. This seal of approval will give you peace of mind knowing that your home will be securely protected by tried and tested products that have been rigorously tested to meet the necessary security standards.

If your door has experienced years of wear and tear, this can signal to opportunists that your home security isn’t up to scratch.

By upgrading your front door this autumn, you can ensure that you’re offering a strong, sturdy defence against burglars using brute force to gain entry to your home. Both composite and UPVC doors are high performing when it comes to protecting homes, but composite doors can offer a slightly heightened level of protection, as the combination of materials used makes the door stronger, for a sturdy, durable, high-quality finish.

For a next step, you could also consider opting for a door style that includes obscure glass, which not only acts as a beautiful design feature, but offers safety and peace of mind knowing no opportunists can scope out the home from the doorstep.

Once your door security is up to date, it’s also important to consider your window security. According to Eco Experts, 29% of UK burglaries occur when the culprit enters through a window3, so along with your front door, it’s another easy entry point to your home.

If your windows are looking tired and in need of repair, this also signals your home is an easy target to passing opportunists. This is when it may be time to consider investing in new windows for your home.

It’s essential that when choosing a window design, you opt for high security, durable and robust locking mechanisms. In particular look for those that conform to PAS24 and Document Q standards, such as those from Eurocell, that can provide significant protection for your home.

Our Logik range of UPVC windows have locking handles as standard, to provide your home with a heightened level of security, alongside being tested to British Standard BS6375 Part 2 for the ultimate security seal of approval.

What’s more, all Eurocell Home’s windows are internally beaded, which ensures that the glass cannot be remove from the outside by any intruders, allowing them to gain access to your home when you’re not around.

And it may seem like obvious advice, but the experts from Eurocell Home would recommend a simple tip to ensure your home is kept safe and secure this autumn - simply lock your windows. Whether you’re at home or not, you should keep your windows locked, particularly at night, as open windows offer easy access to your home. In fact, with an open window, an intruder can gain access to your home and get away with your prized possessions in no time at all, without a sound.

To find out more home security tips to protect your home this National Home Security Month, visit www.homesecuritymonth.com, or check out our top tips across our social media channels throughout October @eurocellhome on Facebook and Twitter, and @eurocell_home on Instagram. They’ll even be a chance to win a great home security bundle - so watch out for our posts!

And for more information on Eurocell Home, our products or finance options, please give us a call on 0808 196 3840 or email us at home@eurocell.co.uk.

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