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Consumers Demand Technology in Homes

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20th February 2019

Did you know that 53% of consumers desire technology in their home? But, with only 20% of those saying that they would pay more to have technology-enabled products embedded in the build of their home, how viable is this demand?

With the adoption of home assistants such as ‘Alexa’ and other smart technologies increasing, the ‘smart’, or internet connected, home has become a much discussed possibility. And as consumers’ appetite for technology grows, it is clear that many home owners or occupiers hope that the homes of the future will be designed with technology in-built.

These statistics are according to the findings of our latest survey, which draws on the views of 1,000 25-40-year olds that either own or rent homes. Interestingly, the survey found that whilst only 20% of people would be willing to pay more to have smart-technology built into their homes, a quarter said they plan to invest in smart technology in their existing property in the near future.

Architects at leading studios Hawkins Brown, SimpsonHaugh and BDP, as well as property developer The High Street Group, analysed the findings, providing expert insight. Assessing the consumer feedback Francesca Roberts, Hawkins Brown, commented: “Technology is changing so quickly, to the point that it’s hard to predict what the smart home will look like in 20 years’ time. So much technology these days is wireless anyway, so it doesn’t necessarily need embedding.”

18.1% of consumers said that integrated technology was in their top three design trends. However, commenting on this James Roberts, SimpsonHaugh, said: “Money is better invested in quality architectural design than on embedding fast changing technology.”

The survey is part of our ‘The Future Home Report’, and draws on the views of people that either own or rent homes, about design and build considerations for future homes.

The Future Home Report can be downloaded in full here - https://www.eurocell.co.uk/whitepaper