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Creating the Perfect Garden Room Space

Creating the Perfect Garden Room Space

12th March 2021

Being outdoors and having outdoor space has become extremely important to many homeowners recently. During the first UK lockdown, Google searches for garden rooms doubled, and nearly two-thirds of UK homeowners now say that they wouldn’t consider buying a home that didn’t have any outdoor space.

Homeowners who are looking to create more space in their home, investing in a garden room will not only provide additional space, but it will also but also add value to their property.

Here we've provided information on what to consider when installing a garden room and how garden buildings can open up opportunities for trade professionals.

Consider its use and location

As part of the planning for a garden room, it’s important for homeowners to think about where the garden room will be installed in the garden and what the space will be used for.

Understanding what the garden room will be used for is beneficial, as this can not only affect the layout of the garden room but also where it will be positioned in the garden.  

A garden room positioned so it’s south facing will get plenty of sunlight late into the evening, and so would be ideal as a place to relax and entertain. Alternatively, if the garden room is going to be a garden office, or children’s playroom consider its proximity to the house as the homeowner may not want to travel too far on a cold winter’s day.

What features are required?

When planning for a garden room, it’s important for homeowners to be aware of the spec that is included with the garden room and what additional extras they may require. Kyube garden rooms come with external lights, electric pack, PVC Patio, Bi-fold of French Doors, and much more.

When advising on additional extras that might be required for the garden room, consider what the room is being used for. Do they require more natural light, if so, would they benefit from a unique corner window, such as that available as an extra to the Kyube Timer frame. If internet is required how will it be fitted, do they require an additional storage annex, and would bi-fold doors be more suitable to their style and use rather than patio or French doors?

Find out more about what features are included with Kyube garden rooms and what additional options are available here.

Installation and benefits

Depending on the type of garden room the homeowner chooses to go for, they might include an option for interior styling. The Kyube Steel Frame comes with optional Interior Design Packs, this provides the customer with a choice of internal wall cladding, luxury hard-wearing vinyl flooring and skirting boards giving the perfect finishing touches.

The Kyube garden buildings are supplied with double glazed windows and doors and the garden rooms are delivered prefabricated, so they can take as little as two days to install. Designed as a modular system provides the option to add a canopy, decking or trellis, depending on what the customer desires.

When installing a garden room, it’s important to think about the project from every aspect; the design and use, the installation and the spec required to ensure the homeowner gets the most out of their garden building.

Whatever type of space your customers want to escape to, we've got you covered with our range of Kyube garden rooms.

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