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Design a Dream Conservatory

4 March 2022

4th March 2022

Conservatories have always been a popular home improvement project in the UK, providing additional, and often much needed space for many homes. It might be a light-filled dining room, a bright and airy office space, playroom for the little ones or cosy sitting room. Whatever the need, conservatories can be very versatile spaces.

Conservatories can also help to add value to your home, in fact research revealed a conservatory can raise the price of a property by around 5-12%, depending on your location and the quality of the conservatory.

Whatever purpose you choose to use your conservatory for, it’s possible to create a unique and bespoke space to unwind in your home.

However, for some the traditional style of a conservatory may appear too outdated for a modern home. But with new and improved styles available, more effective insulation and efficient modern roofing systems, it’s never been easier to find a conservatory style to suit your home and lifestyle.

If you’re looking to add more space to your home and are unsure of the benefits a conservatory can provide, or what style you should go for, here the expert team at Eurocell have provided advice on what to look for when searching for your perfect conservatory.


It’s often thought conservatories are only available in white PVC. However, with developments and changes in the design of conservatories, there’s now a wide range of styles and colours to choose from to perfectly suit your home.

Whether it’s a design to be in keeping with your contemporary home, to add a modern touch to your cottage, or something more traditional to suit the era of your property, there’s a conservatory style to suit your style.

The colour of the conservatory can also have a significant effect on the look of this popular home improvement product. Dark grey can add a dramatic and modern look to your home, creating a stunning feature to your property, whereas a lighter grey, or even Eurocell’s Chartwell Green, might work better against a lighter coloured stone, perfect for a country cottage.

With Eurocell’s new range of modern conservatories, it’s now easier than ever to design your dream conservatory which fits with your home. With more glass and less structural bars, it creates a stunning contemporary looking room, which can be used all year round.

The new style conservatories from Eurocell come with PVC panelling giving it excellent structural strength, and clean lines throughout for a modern finish. The new conservatories also come with highline guttering, which creates a sharp contemporary finish to the conservatory and connects neatly for clean edges and finishing touches to the structure.


Investing in a conservatory can be a big decision, and so it’s important to consider what the room will be used for and how you can make the most of the additional space.

Typically, conservatories are normally positioned to the back of a house; however, it might be more suitable to have the additional space added to the side of your home, depending on the layout and positioning of your property.

If your back garden is south facing, a conservatory at the back of the home will let you enjoy the sun late into the evening, making it perfect for relaxing with wide open bi-fold doors If your garden is north facing, a glass-roofed structure such as a conservatory will capture the sun throughout the day, providing you with a warm space to relax or dine in.


If you’re planning to install a new conservatory, an important part of the process is choosing the windows, doors and roofing for your new space.

When choosing the door for your conservatory, it’s important to consider the style of your home, and what you plan to use the space for.

To perfectly suit a traditional conservatory, French Doors are a great option which can open-up your new space, either letting the fresh air flow through the room, or helping to keep the heat in.

For a more modern touch, and to help open-up your living space, bi-fold doors are a stunning option for your conservatory door choice. With wide opening doors, which can be neatly positioned out of sight, bi-folds can help to create a seamless connection between your inside and outside space.

The roof of the conservatory can also make a huge difference to the style of your build. The roofing structure on Eurocell’s new conservatory range has been engineered to create a lighter, brighter space. With slimmer frame and more glass, there’s reduced sightlines providing a sleek and contemporary finish to the build, allowing more light to flood in all year round.

A common misconception of conservatories is how they can only be used at certain times of the year. And so, to ensure year-round use for your conservatory as well as improved thermal efficiency, Equinox conservatory roof tiles from Eurocell are an excellent alternative to a glass roof. Ideal for updating an old conservatory, roof tiles can make it an efficient and more useable space throughout the year.

Creating the feeling of more of a conventional home extension, Equinox roof tiles come in a range of colours and design finishes and can also help to reduce noise levels.

To find out more about the range of conservatories available at Eurocell, or to get a quote for your new home improvement project, please call us on 03301 737 159 or get in touch through our online contact form contact forme
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