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Enhanced Waste Management and Recycling from Eurocell for fabricators

21 October 2022

21st October 2022

Leading the way to a more sustainable future: Enhanced Waste Management & Recycling from Eurocell for fabricators

Newly appointed Alex Hamilton, Head of Recycling and Gavin Reay, Commercial Recycling Manager at Eurocell, outline a step change to the company’s industry leading PVC-U waste collection and recycling service.

Now offering to help fabrication customers manage waste materials such as plastic packaging, cardboard, steel, aluminium, wood, and glass - as well as PVC-U waste - the soon to be launched packaged service promises to enhance recycling and sustainability performance across the fabrication industry.

Everyone is acutely aware of the need to recycle more to preserve precious resources, prevent unwanted waste going to landfill and drive a more sustainable future for society. Whilst individual households can do their bit when it comes to taking better care of waste products and materials, it is also incumbent upon the business and commercial world to play its part. According to figures from Gov.UK, over 43million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste was generated in 2018 - a significant yearly waste volume that must be subsequently handled and disposed of.

As a responsible company, Eurocell has a long-standing record of taking positive action when it comes to handling waste and working with our extensive network of fabrication partners so that post-industrial and post-consumer PVC-U waste is easily collected and proactively recycled into new PVC-U profiles.

For the past 20 years, the Eurocell Recycle service has led the PVC-U industry and through the efforts of our two busy recycling plants has made a significant contribution to the waste and recycling needs of the sector. And whilst the service has concentrated on the efficient collection and recycling of post-industrial offcuts and post-consumer waste – ensuring that large volumes of such waste is diverted away from landfill – Eurocell continues to push the waste solutions agenda for our nationwide fabrication partner network.
A new and enhanced holistic recycling offer is being readied by Eurocell that will support our fabricators to deal sustainably with more elements of their ongoing waste challenge. Often facing complex waste needs, our fabricators need help, and this is where Eurocell intends to step in. With many in the network already using the Eurocell Recycle PVC-U waste collection and recycling service, they will soon be able to derive even further benefit as they look to tackle ongoing waste reduction and recycling strategies.

Eurocell Recycle is set to extend material collections to include common items such as plastic packaging and cardboard, as well as waste steel, aluminium, wood, and glass. Such a comprehensive packed solution enables companies to enjoy a single point of contact (and bill) for their varied waste streams. This provides a streamlined process offer, removing time commitments, better deploying internal resources, and supporting important sustainability ambitions.

The widening of the Eurocell waste collection and recycling remit coincides with new responsibilities organisations will have under additional legislation requirements. Deposit return schemes (DRS) and extended producer responsibility (EPR) are set to place increased onus on companies to optimise performance when it comes to waste and recycling obligations around, for example, the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products.
Handling waste in a sustainable manner will only become more onerous in the years to come. The newly emerging collection and recycling service on offer from Eurocell not only leads the industry but provides an operationally efficient answer for businesses looking to do the responsible thing when it comes to dealing with their waste.

Fresh thinking, continued investment in recycling technology and ongoing development of support services for fabrication partners are at the heart of the new and expanded waste collection and recycling solution Eurocell is offering.
Working collaboratively in this way, stakeholders across the PVC-U industry can continue to meet their collective environmental responsibilities and ensure a wide range of waste materials are managed effectively, including being transformed into new PVC-U profiles that will be the basis for the attractive, high performing and sustainable product solutions demanded by the market.

For more information about the new and improved waste collection and recycling service provided by Eurocell, please visit Eurocell Recycle.


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