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Eurocell's Equinox System: Saving the Day in Construction"

17 June 2015

Equinox saves the day

Mrs Gardner and her family in Peterborough are now enjoying their lovely ‘new’ conservatory thanks to Equinox tiled roof system, a revolutionary new tiled roof system from Eurocell.

Equinox is revolutionary because of its ability to completely transform a tired-looking, draughty conservatory into an all-year round comfortable living space, within days.

The Gardner family set about finding a replacement roof after becoming fed up with their conservatory being too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Their original glazed roof, because it was fitted in 2000, lost a huge amount of heat during the winter, making the conservatory a cold, draughty space. In summer, the reverse was happened with heat from the sun building up inside, even with windows open, until it become unbearably hot and stuffy.

Research at Cranfield University has identified this is a common problem with many conservatories that have aged glazed or polycarbonate roofs. They found that the average south-facing conservatory reaches a comfortable temperature for only two hours a day, unless a large amount of energy is expended on artificial heating or cooling.

“The roof has totally transformed our conservatory and made it feel like new,” said Mrs Gardner. “We were getting close to doing away with the whole thing as it was either too hot or too cold. When our installer suggested we take a look at the Equinox roof display in our local Eurocell branch we could see straight away that it was exactly what we needed.”

Mrs Gardner added: “The old roof meant that we were only really able to use the conservatory during certain months of the year. Equinox has transformed the space and it still feels so light and airy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!”

Being able to view an Equinox display in the branch gave the Gardners an opportunity to see for themselves how its appealing aesthetics – with a choice of traditional roof tiles – combined with unbeatable thermal performance and low maintenance would transform their conservatory.

With high levels of insulation built into the roof structure, Equinox is 10x more energy efficient than an A-rated window. That is just what the Gardner’s needed considering that they were losing around 20% of the heat generated in the conservatory through the roof.

“What an amazing difference the Equinox roof makes,” said Mrs Gardner. “It has made our conservatory a much more comfortable place to be and that has effectively increased our living space by 20% overnight. I can’t believe we put up with our old conservatory roof for so long!”

Another reason why the Gardner’s like Equinox is that it resulted in minimal disruption during installation. It does this by allowing a weathertight seal to be created within a day and then it is just a simple process of finishing off internally and externally. Overall project duration with an Equinox roof can be as little as 48 hours for a three-man fitting team.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly our new roof was fitted,” said Mrs Gardner. “My husband and I went out shopping and by the time we returned it was all in place.”

The Equinox tiled roof system is available in a choice of tile colours including Charcoal, Antique Red and Burnt Umber. Alongside this is a range of premium composite roof slates to give the authentic natural look of traditional slate roofs. Eurocell offers a choice of thermally efficient rooflights that can be fitted with Equinox to maximise natural light.