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Experts reveal 6 home security measures you may not have thought of

1 October 2023

6 measures to consider when upgrading your home security

This month is National Security Month, and with recent data showing that Burglaries have increased this year to 756 every day*, a 4% rise from 2022, experts have revealed some of the simple home security measures that could be forgotten about.

Ian Kernaghan, Head of Product, Design and Development at leading home improvement specialists, Eurocell, has teamed up with Anthony Neary, managing director of Safe.co.uk to highlight 6 features to consider for improved home security this Winter.

1. Landscaping choices

Simple yet savvy landscaping choices can make a home more secure by deterring burglars from the get-go. Ian suggests to “Trim bushes and shrubs near windows to eliminate potential hiding spots and maintain a clear line of sight from the street to your home. Laying gravel on a drive is also a good deterrent idea and for any intruders willing to risk making their way up, you’ll be able to hear unexpected noise or movement quickly. Anthony adds, “One of the biggest security methods that burglars hate is motion detector security lights. Consider the size and range of the space you want to be lit and incorporate them into your landscaping.”

2. Three star cylinder locks

Cylinder style locks are present on most UPVC doors so it’s recommended that a three star solution is the minimum fitted for enhanced security, as criminals are now finding ways to override the basic system. Ian comments, “You should look for a cylinder that is anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-bump. All of our Dales Doors at Eurocell offer the three star solution for enhanced protection.”

3. Doorbell cameras

Video doorbells have become a popular feature over the last couple of years that offer people peace of mind when it comes to deliveries when they’re away from home, but experts say they also perfect for monitoring security too. Anthony says, “Video doorbells reduce the risk of burglars attempting to break in via main entryways when no one is home. Most now even give users the option to communicate with unexpected visitors through a speaker system and this is ideal for deterring or even scaring intruders into moving on.”

4. Internal beading in windows

Glazing beads are a vital element of door and window security, and Ian says that internal beading is preferred over external beading - “Beading secures the glass unit to the frame, and by having beading inside means that it is located behind the glass, and therefore unreachable from the outside. This reduces the probability of removal by criminals.”

5. Locking handles

Should the glazed unit be broken, Ian states that having windows with locking handles means that intruders won’t be able to open the window with any kind of ease. However, he stresses the importance of key storage “Store window keys in a safe, hidden place. Do not leave the keys in the handle as many people do. A visible key, may attract  intruders or provide an easy exit from the house, if required.”

6. Laminate Glass

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that is made by sandwiching a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two or more layers of glass. This type of glass is commonly used in car windshields, skylights, and other applications where security and safety are a concern. Ian comments, “Laminated glass is more difficult to break than traditional glass, which makes it a popular option for security applications. For example, laminated glass is often used in banks and other high-security buildings to prevent break-ins. It is designed to hold together even when it's broken, which makes it a safer option too than traditional glass. When laminated glass breaks, the PVB layer keeps the glass fragments from flying apart, which reduces the risk of injury.”

* Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/956906/burglaries-in-england-and-wales/

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