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Fascias and Soffits Unveiled: The Complete Guide

8 February 2023
soffit boards on housesoffit boards on house

When it comes to creating the perfect roofline, fascias and soffits are essential. But many homeowners might not be familiar with the difference between the two – or why they are needed in the first place. This article will give you all the information you need about why investing in good fascia and soffit boards is essential property maintenance.


What are fascias?

Fascias are vertical boards fitted to the bottom edge of your roof. They run parallel to a property’s external wall, holding the bottom row of roof tiles in place and providing a solid base on which to fix guttering. They also prevent damp and rot inside a property by stopping the exposed ends of any rafters from absorbing water.


What are soffits?

Soffits fit between the fascia and the home’s exterior wall, running parallel to the floor. They are key to preventing small animals, such as rodents and birds, from nesting in the roofline. The important thing to remember with soffits is to ensure that adequate ventilation is installed. If appropriate ventilation is not built into the soffit boards, then damp and condensation can build up inside. Eventually, this can be just as damaging and disruptive as having a leaking roof.


Why are fascias and soffits important?

The first thing to stress is that good fascias and soffits are essential for adding kerb appeal and value to any residential property. Installing fascias and soffits is a quick, easy and relatively low-cost way to maximise the value of their home.

But they also serve a practical purpose, too. Without fascias and soffits, rooflines can be dangerously vulnerable to the elements. With the UK’s heavy wind and rain, it is a big risk to expose roof tiles, guttering and rafters without any protection in place. Fascias and soffits can help to ensure the longevity of all roofline elements and keep a property in perfect condition for many years to come.


What options are available?

In the past, most fascias and soffits installed across the UK have been timber. A small minority have also been made from aluminium. Today, however, UPVC fascias and soffits are fast becoming the norm due to their exceptional performance (we offer a 20-year guarantee on all our fascias and soffits) and the speed at which they can be installed.

Choosing Eurocell’s UPVC fascias and soffits also guarantees a perfect colour match with all our other roofline products and standard profile colours. Once your client has chosen their favourite colour from the eight options available, you can provide a seamless roofline that’s guaranteed to last.

Our fascias come in eight widths, running from 150mm to 450mm, and are available in three different styles:

●      18mm standard fascia boards offer a classic, traditional look.
●      18mm ogee-style fascia boards offer a contemporary design.
●      16mm bull-nose fascia boards offer an eye-catching curved edge.

Our fascia boards also come in a range of colours:

Our 9mm soffit boards come in three different styles:

●      Standard soffit boards protect rafters and offer a classic look.
●      Vented soffit boards can be used to maintain airflow to a loft.
●      Hollow soffit boards offer a lightweight, cost-effective option.


Eurocell’s fascias and soffits are ideal for both new-build and existing properties. Browse our range and buy online today.


Ready to install? Head over to our Fascia and Soffit board Installation Guide to learn more.

soffit boards on housesoffit boards on house
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