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Garden Room Cladding Guide: Ideas & Inspiration

27 May 2024
Garden room at sunsetGarden room at sunset


A garden room can make the perfect home office, gym, reading room, or even a guest bedroom. Not only can it add value to your home, it offers you a flexible living space to suit your lifestyle. By cladding it in complementary colours and materials, you can give it a fresh look and keep it protected from the elements.


What We'll Cover:

Why Install Cladding on Your Garden Room?

Cladding can protect your garden room so you can enjoy it for longer and not worry about maintenance. Modern garden rooms tend to be made from high quality materials that ensure longevity. Cladding enhances the aesthetic – whether you want to make a bold statement or create a calming sanctuary. It can also give older garden rooms a new lease of life. 

Fitted to the exterior of your garden room, cladding waterproofs it by preventing moisture from entering and causing mould, fungus or structural damage.

Eurocell’s Coastline Composite Cladding is designed to be very low maintenance. Whereas you would need to paint, stain or seal an older timber garden room to maintain it, cladding only needs to be washed using a hose once every three to six months. 

It’s also the perfect solution if your old garden room is looking dull or your tastes have changed. The quick and easy installation means you can completely upgrade it to fit your garden design and vision. Although please note that coastline cladding cannot be used on an existing garden room if it is within 1m of a boundary.


Which material is best for garden room cladding?

Cladding comes in a range of materials like timber, brick, stone, UPVC, steel, cement or composite so you can choose the best for your home and needs. Eurocell’s external cladding comes with a 10-25 year guarantee, depending on the material. 

Composite Cladding is a popular choice and a great choice for your garden room. It’s manufactured from 100% recycled materials – normally a combination of polymer and reclaimed wood fibres which are compressed in a co-extrusion process adding to its strength. The PVC cap makes it resistant to scratches, fading and moisture which can occur with direct sunlight, wildlife and rain. 

UPVC cladding is also highly durable especially when faced with impact like hail or storms which can throw around debris. Just like composite cladding, it’s incredibly low maintenance and only needs to be cleaned with water and soap eliminating the need for harsh and pricey cleaning chemicals. It’s easy to install and can replace rotting timber.

With a natural wood grain finish, it can create the appearance of timber and is available in many shades including white, grey, black and brown. 

Composite and UPVC cladding materials are typically longer lasting and more durable than timber. While often cheaper, timber is prone to warping and rotting in wet weather; conditions we’re very familiar with in the UK. For this reason, UPVC or composite cladding is likely a better option for your garden room. 


What colours for garden room cladding?

Eurocell’s coastline composite cladding comes in six shades including oyster white, taupe, soft green, pigeon blue, moondust grey and anthracite grey. Acrylic colourants are mixed in during production so you’re left with a consistent shade, along with a UV-stable colour cap which protects against fading. 

Cladding is also available in natural shades to resemble timber like natural, light and spiced oak, as well as high-impact colours like deep grey. 

Read our Composite Cladding Colours guide to learn more. 


Garden Room Cladding Ideas & Inspiration

When choosing your cladding colour and style, decide if you want your garden room to blend in or contrast your house and garden surroundings. 


Garden home made from blue claddingGarden home made from blue cladding

If you want it to grab attention, lighter shades like blue or taupe look inviting and playful – perfect for a den or kids’ playroom. 

Garden home made from blue cladding with slats Garden home made from blue cladding with slats

If you use the garden room as a gym or home office, a deep grey offers a cool and contemporary look. 


Brown garden roomBrown garden room


Natural and earthy tones like brown tie the garden room in with the surrounding landscape. 


Green garden roomGreen garden room


Vertical cladding makes a statement, while the soft green shade looks calming and natural.


Cosy garden home with claddingCosy garden home with cladding


Or, you could embellish the exterior with fairy lights and greenery to create a dreamy evening space.  


Is Cladding a Worthwhile Investment?

Cladding is a simple addition that increases the longevity of your garden room and reduces the need for maintenance – so yes, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.  If you have spent time and money designing your garden room, cladding is an effective way to keep it looking fresh for longer.

Eurocell offers high quality UPVC cladding and composite cladding, guaranteed for up to 25 years. Choose from a range of different colours and styles, from contemporary finishes to traditional woodgrain. 

Browse all external cladding online here.

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