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Garden Room Interior Decor: Styles and Inspiration

21 June 2024
Garden room used as an office Garden room used as an office

From a quiet sanctuary to a music studio, your garden room is your ultimate happy place. Of course, you’ll want to put your own stamp on it, with decor and furnishing that are both practical and beautiful. We’ve put together this guide to spark some ideas. 


Garden Room Interior Ideas

When designing your garden room, there are a few things to consider like lighting, colour schemes, furnishings, accessories and what it will be used for. Try to envision the design beforehand, so you can sort out the practical details, like where the electricals or any plumbing should go, before concentrating on the aesthetics. 

Here are 20 ideas to help you get started.

Colours To Inspire 

Garden room officeGarden room office

Colours influence your mood and productivity, so pick wisely. Earthy tones like beige, green or white create a calming ambiance perfect for reading or working, while bright colours like pink or orange can offer a burst of inspiration. Or you could opt for a neutral scheme and add pops of colour with cushions, rugs or flowers. 

Our Garden Rooms come ready to decorate so you can add your personality into the space straight away. Get creative by painting a wall mural or choose internal wall cladding, like the picture above, as part of our interior package for a low maintenance and stylish finish. 


Add Some Comfort  

Available in a range of sizes and styles, your Garden Room can accommodate sofas, chairs, tables, storage units – or a bar and DJ decks if you’d prefer. Decide if you want a cosy, traditional or contemporary theme and get the furniture to match – you could make your garden room an extension of your home and garden with a similar theme running throughout.

Think about different fabrics for sofas, cushions and rugs to add some character and consider your layout too. Would you rather your sofa face a TV or an armchair looking out into the garden? 

Set The Mood 

Create a cosy ambiance with low hanging ceiling lights or fairy lights that illuminate the space. You could add floor lamps for the aesthetic and colour changing LED strips to highlight any features or furniture. 

All of our Garden Rooms come with an internal electric kit made up of a consumer unit, power sockets and external lights. Let your installer know your vision beforehand so the plug sockets are in the right place.

Get Creative on a Budget 

A tight budget won’t stop you from transforming your garden room into a beautiful space.

Visit a second hand store or browse online marketplaces for furniture that you could love, either as it is or to upcycle. Something as simple as painting a cabinet, or replacing the door knobs, can create statement pieces for very little money. 

Choose artwork that reflects your personality, whether it be prints, charity shop finds or pieces by a local artist. Family pictures, flowers and fairy lights also create a welcoming and homely atmosphere. 

Appreciate Your Surroundings

Laptop and desk in a garden room, facing the windowLaptop and desk in a garden room, facing the window

Bottoms Up

Garden room used as a barGarden room used as a bar

A garden room bar can offer an escape to wind down for the evening or host friends for a summer barbecue. Start by picking a theme, whether that’s a sports, beach, or perhaps roaring ‘20s, and then add a bar unit and shelving to display your drinks. 

A beach theme calls for colourful fabrics, with blues, greens and palm tree prints, while a cocktail bar could include plush dark velvet stools and furnishings. Add artwork and LED strips to make your bar the focal feature.

Stay Motivated 

Garden room gymGarden room gym

A garden room gives you a dedicated place to work out, away from the temptation of lounging on the sofa. Deck it out with your favourite equipment – weights, a treadmill or indoor bike trainer – to help you stay motivated throughout the year. 

A good sound system will get the blood pumping, mirrors will help to check your form and some inspirational words will keep you going when your workout gets tough.

All of our Garden Rooms come with a multi-point locking system to protect your equipment. 

Downward Dog or Mountain Pose?  

If you’re after something more zen, a yoga studio offers peace away from your house. Keep the Garden Room clear of furniture or obstructions so you have plenty of space to lay down your mat and stretch.

A storage rack for your mats or equipment won’t take up much room on the side, nor will plants to improve the air quality. Keep the doors open for some fresh air and to hear the sounds of nature.

Scissors at the Ready

Garden room used as a hairdressing salonGarden room used as a hairdressing salon

With the right planning permission you could turn your garden room into a hair and beauty salon. 

Install a small reception desk that displays your products and keeps you tech secure, and choose from ergonomic chairs and wash basins. 

You can also add plug sockets for dryers and stylers, and shelving units for towels, colour products and gowns. A garden room offers plenty of natural light to assess your client’s colour and you can add some glam with backlit mirrors. 

Ultimate den for grown-ups

Garden room used as TV room/summer roomGarden room used as TV room/summer room

Escape the stress of daily life with a stylish den containing all your favourite things. A TV is a must for watching the game or catching up with reality TV, but place it against direct sunlight so it stays visible. Add a cosy couch, games and mini-fridge and you might never leave!

A Kids’ Haven    

Garden room used as kids room, filled with toysGarden room used as kids room, filled with toys

Get really creative with your kids' playroom, because it’s the perfect opportunity for bright colours to encourage imagination and creativity without impacting your home's interior. 

Bright colours like red, yellow, orange and blue can help to lift spirits, and you could add a whiteboard or chalkboard to practise writing and drawing. Add a storage unit for games and toys to keep it organised, and a school-style mini table and chairs in keeping with the theme. Upgrade to luxury flooring to easily wipe any paint or stains. 

As your kids grow, use the space as a mini learning environment to help with school. 

Lose Yourself in Fiction       

Create an enviable home library with a cosy armchair or huge bean bag facing the garden. Keep a neutral colour scheme with white or beige walls, and some oak furniture for a relaxing feel. Or opt for a statement burgundy or deep brown wall for a traditional look. Install your dream bookshelf and fill with your favourite reads, and you could even host a book club with your pals. 

Clutter-free Home 

Garden rooms are perfect for storing your belongings out of view and helping to organise your home. Measure up and install nice shelving units or cabinets for gardening tools, clothes or toys. Place the items in baskets or opt for a cabinet with a door to keep it looking less busy. 

Get in the Groove 

A garden room is the perfect workspace, whether you’re an accomplished painter or jewellery maker, or enjoy crafting for relaxation. It’s a place to switch off, and keep all your materials in one place away from your home.

Whatever the craft, storage will be helpful so add a desk with drawers or cabinets to keep your equipment organised and easy to find. Go for hardwearing and easy-to-clean flooring, especially if your art involves lots of messy materials. 

The Big Screen 

Create the ultimate movie experience with a garden room cinema. You’ll definitely need a cosy couch or a couple of reclining armchairs facing a large TV screen or a projector for a true cinema experience. Fit a mini fridge for your drinks and a cabinet for your snacks. White LED strips will add a touch of elegance while dark coloured walls can reduce reflections. 

It’s First Place or Nothing 

Get competitive with your friends by setting up an elite gaming lounge. Kit it out with desktops, consoles and a gaming chair, or some traditional arcade and board games for family fun. The interior should evoke fun and games as you step in, so opt for colourful lighting to set the mood. Don’t worry about making plenty of noise as you defeat your opponents, because the cladding in our Garden Rooms can absorb the noise.   


Garden room office deskGarden room office desk

A dedicated office space if you work from home is a great use of your garden room. Block out any distractions and feel confident in meetings with an elegant background. 

Would you prefer a modern, retro, techy or industrial style? Keep in mind that an airy and bright finish with greenery can help you concentrate. A desk and comfortable chair is a must, and add some family photos to personalise the space.  

Lounge space 

Garden room loungeGarden room lounge

Invite friends and family over for dinner and a catch up in your garden room. A cosy lounge space demands a comfortable sofa, so think big and snug. Decorate with plenty of cushions and lamps to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Opt for a neutral colour scheme and add character with accessories like plants, artwork, furniture and candles. Make plans all year round because our Garden Rooms are fully insulated.

Let the Music Flow

Garden room being used as a music studioGarden room being used as a music studio

Whether you’re learning to play an instrument or are part of a band, a music space in your garden room offers peace and quiet to enjoy some tunes. Choose a moody colour scheme with dark grey, burgundy or black to evoke a night-time atmosphere, or a neutral scheme for a spacious feel

Create a wall display by hanging your guitars and keeping them safely stored, while leaving plenty of space for furnishings.. Our internal cladding has noise absorbing properties, so you won’t disturb your neighbours when you’re rocking out.

Double Up 

Split your garden room into a multifunctional space with your interior decor. Paint one half with a neutral background for your virtual meetings and the other half dark colours for a chic gym. Consider adding a free-standing shelving unit to create separate spaces.

Garden Room Inspiration

There are no rules when it comes to decorating your garden room. Go as wacky or elegant as you want because it's your space and a reflection of your hobbies and interests. 

Our Garden Rooms are built to a high standard and installed in just 2-4 days, so that you get the best from your space. They come with a ten year guarantee, and are available in different styles and sizes to accommodate your guitars, storage or exercise bikes. 

Explore Eurocell’s range of stylish Garden Rooms

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