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Creating Your Dream Garden Gym: A Comprehensive Guide

18 March 2021
How to build the perfect garden gym

18th March 2021

For many people across the UK, health and fitness is a huge part of their daily routine.

However, with lives becoming busier than ever, finding the time to get to the gym for your daily workout can sometimes seem impossible.

And with increasing membership costs, there is often a sense of guilt when you’ve not managed to find the time to get to the gym.

For many people this, and the closure of gyms due to lockdown, has led them to consider a garden gym, a dedicated room in the garden where you can reach your health and fitness goals. They can be installed in a matter of days, can be used all year round and typically don’t require planning permission

How to create a Home Gym in your garden

We look at some considerations when creating a home gym in your garden, so you can create the perfect space to suit your fitness requirements.

If you’re considering a garden room for a gym, it’s important to first look at where the garden building will be positioned. It may be necessary for you to be close to power and Wi-Fi, so this can play a part in your decision.

Most quality garden buildings, like the Kyube designs, come with electrical packs, enabling you to power any equipment you choose to install. They also come with lighting options, so you can do your workouts when you choose, whether it’s early morning or late at night. When creating your garden gym, it’s important to consider what equipment you are looking to install.

If you want a cross trainer or a stair climber, will the ceiling of the garden building be high enough for when you’re on the equipment? Additionally, if you’re looking to set up a weights machine, check how it will need to be secured in place and if this is possible in your new gym set up.

If you have a running machine or spin bike, this will need to be positioned near a power source. You might also prefer for it to be near a door or PVC-U window so you can get more of a breeze when working out.

If you like to use videos to workout, position the TV so you can see the screen but still have plenty of space to move around.

The flooring of your home gym should also suit the activity you’ll be doing. So, if you’re using free weights, install a rubber flooring either throughout, or in the specific area you’ll be using your weights.

Both our Timber and Steel Kyube garden buildings have the option of a blank canvas with no interior décor. This design choice allows you to not only choose the interior you prefer, but the flooring that works best for you and suits your requirements.

If, however you’re after an option that’s ready to pop your equipment in and get going, the Kyube Steel Garden building, can be configured with an internal décor pack. This solution allows for the option of a luxurious vinyl flooring, which will not only look stunning, but will be practical when it comes to cleaning and general wear and tear.

A garden gym doesn’t just have to be for weight benches and stair climbers though, if you prefer to practice yoga or Pilates, you might be looking to create a calm environment, where you’re able to work out, stretch, relax and meditate.

You might want more light to enter the building, so installing an additional corner window will allow for more light to enter the room. Aluminium bi-fold doors will also help to create a seamless link to the outside and let the sunlight fill the room and improve the air flow.

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