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How to choose the right UPVC windows for my home

21 December 2022

Here’s our guide to finding the perfect UPVC Window finish for your property

Choosing the right UPVC windows isn’t straightforward – but if you own your own home, taking time to get the right style and quality can be an investment that pays huge dividends.

High-quality UPVC windows are durable, long-lasting, and can flood your home with enough natural light to create a bright, clean, airy living space for you and all the family.

There are three main considerations when it comes to choosing UPVC windows: sustainability, security, and style.

At Eurocell Home, we’re here to advise you on the best way of achieving your desired look with your window styles selection.

To start, consider the ‘look and feel’ of your property.

While you may prefer the look of modern UPVC windows, they might not match if you have an older, more traditional looking property. Your property’s brickwork, age, and surroundings play a huge part in the selection of your UPVC windows, so it’s essential to really consider the design elements of your home before investing.

What are the different types of UPVC windows?

There are a wide range of uPVC windows on the market, but the most popular options are:

  • Fixed double glazing that cannot be opened (suitable for well-ventilated areas)
  • Gliding and sliding uPVC windows, which can be moved side to side like a patio door
  • Awning double glazing, which open outwards to allow light in
  • Casement double glazing, which open outwards just like a door

Our range of casement windows are designed to suit different property aesthetics.

The Chamfered window style offers the perfect solution for a contemporary home, with a straight-edged design creating the perfect illusion of modernity. Our Ovolo range provides a more traditional finish to suit a distinguished exterior design scheme.

Our most recent addition to the windows collection is the Logik Flush Sash. Another modern offering, this new range creates an effortlessly streamlined finish, making it perfect for installation in traditional and contemporary properties alike.

With proven energy efficiency, the Logik range offers the look and feel of wooden frames alongside huge amounts of natural light.

What should I look for when buying windows?

In general, we recommend you take time to assess four different aspects of any new window:

  • The quality of the glazing. Inferior glazing doesn’t keep the heat in, leaving you with needlessly high energy bills. Look for UPVC windows with exceptional U-values instead.
  • The security of your windows. Look out for PAS 24 rated windows, as this shows your product meets the British Standards Institution rating.
  • The sustainability of the windows. What kind of environmental impact are your windows creating? At Eurocell, our closed loop recycling system makes an enormous contribution to a greener world.
  • The material of your window frames. Timber windows may look beautiful, but uPVC mimics their style while providing a low maintenance, budget-friendly alternative.

Which windows are most energy efficient?

For many people, energy efficiency – especially in today’s era of high energy prices – is the key consideration when buying new windows.

Energy efficient windows keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, helping to lower your energy bills all year round. Lower energy use is also good for the environment, not just your pocket – so consider this a double win.

At Eurocell Home, our window frames have built-in thermal efficiency capabilities, preventing the type of heat loss associated with inferior window types. Research from the Energy Saving Trust found that 20% of a home’s heat escapes through windows, so good new energy efficient windows can make a huge impact.

Our windows are A-rated as standard and help to conserve energy in your property, reducing the need to heat your home all day long during the colder months.

Our trusted team of trade experts have spent over 40 years offering design advice to homeowners across the country. Call us today on 0808 196 3840 or email home@eurocell.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help you understand the best window styles for your home.


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