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The Sparkling Conservatory Guide: Cleaning Roofs, Windows, and Interiors

5 July 2022
How to clean your conservatory roof, windows and interior

5th July 2022

After months of sheltering inside, away from the cold bite of winter, the sun has finally reappeared and we can venture out into our conservatories to enjoy the summer rays.
There’s just one problem: your conservatory looks a little worse for wear after months of neglect. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you spruce up your interior and make it a haven of relaxation once more.

Continue reading, below, to find out our top conservatory cleaning tips to bring the sparkle back into your beloved extension.

1. What is the best way to clean a conservatory roof?

Let’s start with the most time-consuming and finicky job on your conservatory cleaning to-do list: giving the glass roof a good scrub. After all, we always aim to get the most difficult tasks out the way first, while our spring cleaning spirit is still going strong.

See our guides, below, on how to clean a conservatory roof, both inside and out.

How to clean the inside of conservatory roof

First things first, you want to prepare your cleaning area for any dripping soapy water from the ceiling. That means removing occasional chairs, coffee tables, and expensive rugs. If you can’t shift all your valuable furniture out of the room, cover with old bedsheets to protect them.

We also recommend that you open the conservatory windows and conservatory doors, airing the room out and avoiding any sweat-inducing high humidity levels. Keep that fresh air coming!

Next, you’re going to need an extendable pole with both brush head and squeegee attachments (just like your window cleaner uses), as well as a bucket of warm soapy water. Simply attach the brush head to the pole, dip it in the homemade conservatory roof cleaner and start scrubbing, taking care to use vertical motions. Then, switch out the brush head attachment for the squeegee to remove any stubborn soapy water residue.

All that’s left to do is wait for the glass panes of your conservatory roof to dry naturally. Simple!

How to clean the outside of a conservatory roof

Cleaning the outside of your conservatory roof is a slightly more tricky prospect.

For starters, you’ll need a ladder to reach those awkward spots on the roof, so ensure you follow all the necessary safety precautions. That includes setting up the ladder with care, always using two hands to climb and descend, and never overstretching yourself. If possible, ask someone else in the house to spot you while you clean up high, passing you tools and keeping the ladder stable.

Once you’re safe and secure on the ladder, it’s time to look again to the reliable combo of an extendable cleaning pole and warm, soapy water. Much the same as cleaning the inside of a glass conservatory roof, scrub the panes in a vertical motion with the brush attachment and then clear the residue with the squeegee.

Remember to always stay on the ladder while cleaning; do not try to get on top of the conservatory. Glass conservatory roof panes are not designed to hold the weight of a person, which could lead to injury.

2. What’s the best way to clean conservatory windows?

While your ladder might be safely back in the shed, it’s not quite time to say goodbye to your trusty extendable cleaning pole. This time, we’re going to turn its talents to conservatory window cleaning, getting them to sparkle in the sun.

But first, you need to remove any dust from the window panes and window sills with a dry microfibre cloth. Then, grab a sponge, a bucket of warm, soapy water and start washing those windows, wringing the sponge out each time you dip it in the bucket. Don’t fret if you think you’re using too much water though, we will sort that in our next step.

Now it’s time for your extendable cleaning pole to shine again, allowing you to stretch to those hard-to-reach spots of glass. With the attachable squeegee head, dry each window before moving onto the next, wiping the soapy residue from the glass. Like the roof panes, we recommend wiping the water vertically, from top to bottom.

For an easy to digest look into the best way to clean conservatory windows, check out our window and frame cleaning guide.

How to clean conservatory blinds

Your conservatory blinds need just as much attention as your windows, perhaps even more so with the dust and debris that collate between the blinds and agitate allergies. How you clean conservatory blinds, however, depends on the type of blinds you own.

For fabric blinds, you need to dust down the material first. You can do this with a dry microfibre cloth or a handheld vacuum, if a cloth is not enough to dislodge some of the more stubborn dust bunnies.

Next, you’re just going to need a cloth and a bowl of lukewarm water. Dip the cloth into the water and wipe the fabric gently, avoiding scrubbing too hard as this can damage the fabric. Finish by drying the blinds with a towel or leaving them to dry naturally.

Cleaning wooden or metal blinds is a much simpler process. To keep your conservatory an allergy-friendly zone, all you need to do is give the blinds a quick once over with a feather duster or dry microfibre cloth.

3. What’s the best way to clean inside conservatory?

With the major conservatory cleaning chores out of the way, you can set your spring cleaning spirit free on the general tidy up tasks and odd jobs that need to be completed.

Crack out the vacuum and clear up any crumbs or debris that have gathered on the floor, on sofas, or under furniture. Wipe down the surfaces for a shine to match your conservatory roof and windows. Declutter the room, finding new homes for half-read books, forgotten toys, and abandoned mugs.

You can also use this time as an opportunity to reorganise your conservatory, sprucing up your décor to stay up to date with the latest seasonal trends.

To find out more about the range of conservatory products from Eurocell, browse our website, or contact one of our expert advisors on 03301 737 159.
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