How to get your conservatory ready for the summer

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6th July 2022

Summer has arrived! That means no more pitch-black morning commutes or depressing 4pm sunsets, just sunny weather from dawn until dusk (fingers crossed, anyway).

If you own a conservatory, then the next few months will likely be spent soaking up those satisfying summer rays from the comfort of your couch. And, seeing as you’re going to be spending most of your time in this sun-lit room, the changing of seasons offers the perfect opportunity to revamp your interior.

Keep reading, below, for our top conservatory design ideas to get your conservatory ready for the summer.

How can you declutter and clean your conservatory?

First things first, before you start scrolling Pinterest for conservatory design ideas, you need to clean up.

After all, during the winter, conservatories can become a secondary storage room, full of toys, clothes horses, and assorted knick-knacks. Simply tidying away the clutter of your conservatory can be one of the best ways to prepare your interior for summer.

To get the most out of the sunny weather and bathe your conservatory in light, you’ll also want to get the windows sparkling clean. Wipe away all accumulated grime and dust, as well as any fingerprint smudges from tiny greasy hands. Take a look at our guide to window and frame cleaning to get your windows as clean as possible.

Once you’ve got your conservatory looking spic and span, you can then start to think about revitalising your living space for the summer sun.

Why you should go green with Plant Life

Whether you’re opting for a Victorian conservatory-style greenhouse or you just have a habit of filling every free space with luscious greenery, healthy houseplants are synonymous with summer.

Slightly different to garden rooms, garden conservatories feature colourful plants and flowers, imbuing the room with floral summer vibes. Place a pot full of Red Aglaonema on your window sill, hang a String of Pearls from your ceiling, or characterise a corner with a stunning Peace Lily. For small conservatories, the idea of filling the space with greenery is certainly a charming one.

Remember, you don’t necessarily need a green thumb to enjoy a green room; there are plenty of faux plants you can buy to enjoy evergreen flora all year round. Go above and beyond by weaving fairy lights around all of your plant pals, creating a spellbinding summer-themed wall feature!

Should you change the furniture in your conservatory?

Whether you want to switch out small conservatory furniture sets or feel like you could fit a larger sofa into a bigger space, new conservatory furniture ideas go a long way to refreshing your interior.

Small conservatories, in particular, can benefit for a bistro-style dining set, giving you somewhere to eat breakfast while basking in the sun. Or, on those rainy days, somewhere to sit comfortably with a coffee and enjoy the pitter-patter of rain above. There’s certainly plenty of small conservatory furniture ideas to sink your teeth into!

There are also more functional conservatory interior ideas you can bring to your conservatory. Adding a side table next to your sofa, for example, not only gives you an easy-to-reach drink surface, but it can also become a delightful finishing touch. The same goes for displaying a coffee table in the middle of the room. Fill it with books, magazines, and newspapers to give any summer guests an ideal spot to lounge in the sun.

It’s not just about what you can add to your interior, you should also consider what furniture you can remove – especially when brainstorming small conservatory interior design ideas. If you remove a huge corner sofa from the space, then you open up more room to add plant life and charming artwork. This can transform your small conservatory from a tightly compact space to a delightful walkway toward your garden.

Why don’t you add a splash of summer colour?

If you feel like your furniture foundations are sound, then you can always opt for smaller conservatory décor ideas.

We’re talking about adding some new, colourful throw cushions to your seating area, along with a matching throw blanket draped over the back of the chair. Use these accents to complement or contrast against your existing décor, depending on what type of style you’d like to go for.

In terms of a summer colour pallet, look for cushions, blankets, and rugs in pinks, blues, and lavender purples. This will really add a seasonal shine to your conservatory, while also complementing any plants and flowers dotted around the room.

You can also extend the summer shades to your walls and coffee tables with different pieces of art. Find some charming, brightly coloured prints and frame them, or even take some cards from a recent birthday and scatter them along tables or window sills.

Whatever additions you make, the aim is to make the space a little more seasonal for the sunnier months. And don’t forget, decorating a conservatory is supposed to be fun. If you find a piece of artwork or style of furniture you really love, give it a go!

What Inspiration does Eurocell have to offer?

Here at Eurocell, we love to get the most out of our conservatory all year-round. However, it’s during the summer months that we really appreciate the importance of letting in as much light as possible.

That’s why we always stress the importance of good windows and doors. When you want to truly revitalise your conservatory, opting for more environmentally-friendly windows and incredibly stylish conservatory doors is a great place to start.

For more inspiration on getting your conservatory just right for the summer, take a look at our Pinterest board or see what other helpful conservatory-based tips we have in our extensive news section.

Or, to find out more about the range of conservatory products from Eurocell, browse our website, or contact one of our expert advisors on 03301 737 159.
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