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How to identify French doors

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French doors are one of the most common types of external door choices across the UK. Popular for decades, they are most frequently found on extensions and conservatories and are great at connecting the indoors with a garden and fresh air.

But what makes a French door a French door? How can you identify French doors from other types of external doors such as bi-folds? In this article, we’ll look at the defining characteristics of French doors and introduce you to three outstanding ranges of UPVC French doors.

French doors: the key characteristics

First thought to have been invented in 16th- or 17th-century France, French doors are believed to have originated from tall windows that typically opened out onto a balcony.

After three centuries of use and popularity, French doors have been proven to offer versatility with timeless design. They can be used both internally to separate rooms or externally to provide convenient access to outdoor spaces.

Here are four defining characteristics of French doors:

  • Dual glass panels: French doors come in pairs and open in the middle. Each door is made of a long, glass panel that normally stretches from the top to the bottom of the door. By opening in the middle, a pair of French doors allows for large, unobstructed views of gardens and surrounding areas.
  • Outside hinges: French doors open externally into the garden, with the hinges always placed on the outside of the doors and property. The doors swing outwards from the hinges and the hinges are visible from the garden or outdoor space.
  • Centrally placed handles: French doors generally have a pair of handles (one on each door) fixed approximately halfway between the top and bottom of the door. The handles allow for one or both of the doors to be opened.
  • Complementary frames: French doors are fitted most often inside UPVC frames, which can be styled to suit the aesthetic appeal of the property.

Eurocell offers three outstanding ranges of UPVC French doors: Logik, Modus, and Aspect. All three ranges feature exceptional thermal efficiency, durability, and security. Installing French doors is an easy way to add value to your property while giving you a stronger connection with the great outdoors.

View the full range of UPVC French doors today.