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Eco-Smart Living: Elevating Home Energy Efficiency with Eurocell

31 January 2022

31st January 2022

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient.

With the festive season a distant memory and the new year in full swing, it brings with it freezing temperatures, dark nights and often miserable weather. So, it’s no surprise that much of our time spent at home over the next few months will be with our jumpers on, blanket coverings and heating cranked up to the max.

And with more of us working from home today, it’s now become even more important to keep our living spaces warm, cosy and comfortable to make the most out of our days.

But, of course, keeping our homes warm by cranking up the heating doesn’t always look good for our energy bills as they continue to grow exponentially. In fact, research has suggested the energy bills for 15 million households will increase by 12% as changes are made to the energy price cap.

And, although we can do all we can to keep these energy bills down with heavy knitwear and thick woolly blankets, you may be surprised to hear that 20% of the heat in our home’s escapes through our windows. So all that money you’re spending on keeping your home warm and insulated could literally be going straight out of the window.

But there are ways in which you can improve your home energy efficiency to make a big difference to not only your home life, but your energy bills too.

In this blog post, the expert team at Eurocell Home will be sharing their advice on how you can make your home more energy efficient to keep it feeling comfortable, along with your purse strings, this winter.

Improve your home energy efficiency with energy efficient windows!

From stylish rendering to beautiful potted plants and hanging baskets, we can often spend thousands on making the exterior of our homes look visually appealing. However, we can often forget the importance of windows and how much they can make a huge difference to the look and feel of our homes.

New windows can not only add a sense of style and interest to a property, but they can also help to provide light, warmth and security to the home, helping you to reduce energy bills and even make your home stand out to potential future homebuyers.

Windows are also particularly important when it comes to the energy efficient improvements of our homes. The energy performance of windows all depends on how well the windows stop heat from escaping and how much sunlight passes through the glass panels, known as ‘solar gain’.

Most energy efficient windows feature multi-chambered frames which help to break up and disturb mini convection air currents, ultimately preventing heat from escaping. This teamed with either double or triple glazing provides a level of energy efficiency that not only helps to keep the heat in the home and prevent draughts, but also help to reduce the level of external noise.

Energy efficient windows are rated by the Window Energy Ratings (WER) from A++ to E, with ‘A++’ being the most effective and ‘E’ being the least. All new homes are required to have windows which meet a minimum of ‘C’ WER rating.

At Eurocell Home, all of our window styles provide A-rated designs as standard, so you know your windows will offer a high level of energy efficiency, and therefore provide the best opportunity to maintain heat levels in your home.

It’s understandable that upgrading all the windows around your property can add up and become quite costly. However, investing in home energy improvements e.g. energy efficient windows can help to reduce your energy bills over time, potentially saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

And don’t forget, if you are considering investing in new windows for your property, it’s important to check with your local planning office before going ahead. If you live in a conservation area or own a listed building, there might be restrictions on what style of windows you can install.

How to improve energy rating? Insulation is key!

When considering ways to make your home more energy efficient , it’s important to understand how the heat escapes. 25% of heat can be lost through a roof which isn’t insulated and Which? also reported that installing insulation in your loft can help to cut energy bills by £315 each year. Therefore, investing in loft and roof insulation is an effective method of making your home energy efficient, lowering your energy bills, and saving you money.

If you’re looking for roof insulation for your home, we would firstly recommend exploring how easy it is to access this space and if your home currently has any damp or condensation problems. If it’s easy to access, there shouldn’t be any issues with updating your insulation.

Batt, or Blanket, insulation is the most common type of insulation. With it being easy to install, it’s often ideal for insulating easily accessible spaces. It’s important to be careful and wear protective clothing when handling insulation as it can irritate the skin.

If the space you need to insulate has joints or obstructions, a loose-fitting insulation is the most effective material to fill the space or to top up existing insulation.

Mind the draught with energy efficient front doors.

The addition of a stylish, era-appropriate external door can give serious kerb appeal to your home. And with so many styles, colours and materials on the market, there’s going to be a door out there which will suit any style of property. However, your external doors can also be another culprit when it comes to precious heat escaping from your home, particularly if it’s not draught-proofed, insulated or fitted correctly.

Composite doors are a great option for homeowners who are conscious of their growing energy bills as this type of door style is designed using specific layers of materials to help it become more durable as well as energy efficient.

For example, the range of Composite Doors from Eurocell Home can work effectively to stop draughts getting into your home. With a thick 4mm glass reinforced plastic exterior and solid foam infill panel, composite doors can provide up to six times more insulation than a timber door, making it a great option to help improve home energy efficiency. Each design in our energy efficient composite doors range is also surrounded with a high-tech triple weather seal on the frame to provide long lasting durability and energy efficiency.

As more of us want to bring light and open our homes to create a space which flows between our living space and gardens, lifestyle doors such as patio, French and bi-fold doors have been growing in popularity.

With all these design options featuring large areas of glazing, these lifestyle doors are very effective when it comes to flooding your home with natural light, but also to keep the heat in. If you’re in the market for new lifestyle doors for your home, we would recommend ensuring that the glazing used is double or triple glazed, helping to reduce heat loss from your home. These improvements can make your home more energy efficient and improve your energy rating.

And with winter in full swing, now is the ideal time to consider home energy improvements . If you’d like to discuss our window and door ranges with an experienced member of our team, please give us a call on 0808 196 3840 or email us at home@eurocell.co.uk.
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