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Never too late to learn: The benefits of CPD

17th November 2021




Since its establishment 40 years ago, employees and organisations across industry have committed personal time and company resources to accessing the benefits delivered by continuing professional development – better known as CPD.


Using a structured, practical, methodical, and proactive approach to lifetime learning is enabling thousands of professionals to enhance their skills, identify knowledge gaps, grow individual expertise, and keep abreast of the myriad changes that constantly influence their industry.


Organisations who see the value of CPD and provide staff with the time and access to continuous learning opportunities, find themselves better able to retain key employees and are in a stronger position to support them as they focus on developing the skills necessary to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage.



Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an increasingly mandatory requirement within the construction industry and according to the CPD Accreditation Service involves over 500,000 individual members from approximately 50 construction industry professional bodies and member institutes.


CPD benefits

Construction-related CPD seminars and training courses offer numerous benefits to employees and companies. Staff can proactively expand their understanding of the industry and keep up-to-date with the latest regulation changes and newly emerging product developments and solutions. 


For their part, smart organisations can use CPD initiatives to ensure standards across the company remain consistently high, staff potential is maximised, and a strong environment of support and learning-based development is fostered.

Many construction institutions require that members undertake CPD as a condition of continued membership (examples include RIBA, CIOB, RICS, RTPI, CIAT, ICE, IStructE), and for some professions, it is a statutory requirement.


To maintain membership of their designated professional body, members must demonstrate they have engaged in a set number of hours of educational participation aimed at improving their knowledge and skill. The activities in which they partake are then CPD-rated and CPD certificates, or ‘Points’, are issued for each activity.


As an example, the annual CPD obligations as a RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Chartered Member, include undertaking at least 35 hours of learning per annum; that half the CPD is structured with learning aims and outcomes, and is taught, face-to-face, online or by distance learning; 20 of the 35 hours must cover the ten mandatory RIBA core curriculum CPD topics; members acquire at least 100 learning points and that they record and keep track of CPD activities.


Specifiers and CPD

Change is often the driving force behind the evolution of an industry. As new techniques and product solutions are exposed to the market, it is important that pivotal roles such as specifiers - charged with recommending and selecting material and product choices that drive project efficiencies, value, and the design vision - are constantly making informed selections based on up-to-date market knowledge.


CPD enables this to happen and is a vital tool in educating specifying professionals and for developing relationships across the supply chain.  Continuous learning provides opportunities to demonstrate how innovating products can deliver value added solutions to design, legislation, sustainability, logistic and on-site challenges that the majority of construction projects face.


The old adage says it’s never too late to learn.  CPD is at the forefront of driving up industry standards, helping professionals to develop enhanced expertise on a continuous basis and delivering the highly skilled workforce the construction industry and the nation requires.

Visit our CPD page to see what we offer.

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