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Planning your garden room

7 September 2022
Planning your garden room

7th September 2022

Planning your Perfect Garden Room Space

When looking for a home, having space outdoors which you can spend time relaxing or entertaining in is very important to many homeowners. For a long-time gardens and outdoor space has played an important role when trying to choose the right property, and it continues to be this way in 2022.

A recent report from Rated People revealed having multifunctional space and rooms has become hugely important to homeowners. And for homeowners who are looking to create more space in their home, investing in a garden room can not only provide additional space which is multifunctional, but it can also but also add value to their property.

If you’re considering adding a garden room to your property, here we’ve shared some guidance from the team at Eurocell on what to consider when planning your garden room.

Consider its use

It’s important to think about what the garden room will be used for, as this will not only affect the layout of the garden room but also where it will be positioned in the garden.

If the plans for the garden room are for it to be a hideaway and a place to relax in, then positioning the garden room so it’s south facing will provide plenty of sunlight late into the summer evenings.

Alternatively, if the garden room is going to be a garden office, consider its proximity to the house and how far you would be willing to walk outside to your workspace in the cold winter mornings.

What features are required

When considering your garden room, it’s important to think about what spec it needs to be to suit your requirements.

Eurocell’s Kyube garden rooms come with external lights, an electric pack, PVC Patio or French Doors, as well as additional extras such as optional Bi-Fold doors, a corner PVC window for additional light, a storage annex and much more.

If the room is to be used as a home office, movie room or a place to simply relax, it’s important to consider the internet connection as well and how this will fit in with your plans. There are different options available, whether Wi-Fi extenders or wired ethernet cables, we would suggest you research what would work best for you.

Find out more about what features are included with Eurocell’s Kyube garden rooms and what additional options are available here.

When considering the features for your garden room, we would suggest also thinking about when you want the garden room to be fitted and in use. The expert team at Eurocell can help you get your dream garden room designed, built, and fitted in eight weeks, so you don’t have to wait around for your new garden room.

How it will look

When deciding on your garden building and what will suit your requirements, it’s also worth thinking about how the room will be decorated and styled.

Some garden rooms will come with additional pre-packaged interior options, such as an internal décor pack. The Eurocell Kyube décor pack includes a selection of beautiful, hard-wearing luxury vinyl flooring options and a choice of décor internal cladding finishes, helping you create the desired finished look.

Or if you would like to create a personalised space, a garden room which comes as a blank canvas, like Eurocell’s Timber Frame Kyube Garden Building, would be an ideal option.

It’s also possible to choose how your Garden room will look from the outside, choose from horizontal or new vertical cladding, and select the colour cladding which you prefer, including Anthracite Grey, Turner Oak, Anteak or Sheffield Concrete - there’s a colour to suit all styles.

Inside the garden room, bright and bold colours with lively decorations can create a fun place to escape to at home, great for a bar in the back garden. However, if the garden room will be used as a more functional office space, placing a desk in front of an east or west facing window will provide natural light to work in, without harsh sunlight causing a distraction throughout the day.

When considering and planning a garden room it’s important to think about the project from every aspect, every season and every possible use from the outset to ensure you get the most out of your garden building.

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