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Revolutionise Your Installations with IDS Decor Cladding

1 November 2023

IDS Decor Cladding


In the world of interior design and refurbishment, staying ahead of the curve means embracing innovative, cost-effective, and high-quality materials. One such material gaining popularity is IDS Decor Cladding, a fantastic alternative to traditional tiling in bathrooms and kitchens.


Why Choose IDS Decor Cladding Over Traditional Tiling?

IDS Decor Cladding offers a range of benefits that make it a superior choice for bathroom and kitchen installations:

1. 100% Waterproof: IDS Decor Cladding is completely waterproof, making it an ideal choice for areas exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Easy to Clean: IDS Decor Cladding is easy to clean and maintain with its non-porous surface. It guarantees protection against bacteria and stains, ensuring a hygienic environment.

3. Mould Resistant: Unlike traditional tiles, IDS Decor Cladding is mould resistant. This means less maintenance and a healthier environment for your clients.

4. No Grout Lines: IDS Decor Cladding has no grout lines, giving a sleek, modern finish and eliminating the common problem of dirty or mouldy grout.

5. Fast Fitting: IDS Decor Cladding is designed for quick and easy installation, saving you time on the job.

Highlighting the Bathroom and Decorative Cladding Range

The IDS Decor Cladding range includes options specifically designed for bathrooms and decorative purposes.

The bathroom cladding range is 100% waterproof and almost maintenance-free, providing an easy-clean, non-porous surface for showers, bathrooms, and wet rooms.

The decorative cladding range offers a wide variety of designs and colours, allowing you to create stunning, unique interiors for your clients.

Embrace the Future of Interior Installations

As trade professionals, staying updated with the latest trends and materials in the industry is essential. IDS Decor Cladding is a game-changer, offering a high-quality, cost-effective, and easy-to-install alternative to traditional tiling.

Explore the IDS Decor Cladding range on the Eurocell website and revolutionise your installations today!

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