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Talk with a Tradie: Campbell Geddes, Clydebuilt Home Improvements

10 April 2024


As we mark 50 years of service to the trade industry, we are honouring tradies with this #TalkWithATradie piece. This series will include blogs on our site, just like this one, and social media posts showcasing the trade and their handy #GoldenNuggets (or tips) for homeowners. 

From the adept hands of installers to the meticulous work of fenestration experts and tradies like Campbell, we want to shine a spotlight on these unsung heroes. It's time to share stories, ask questions, and gain some expertise of these individuals who breathe life into every project that they do. 

Let’s start conversations, foster connections, and keep the spirit of craftsmanship burning bright for the next 50 years and beyond.  

To kick us off we have spoken to Campbell Geddes from Clydbebuilt Home Improvements based in Glasgow. 

Let’s dive in! 


What does your day-to-day job entail? 
I manage the “Outdoor Living” sales department at Clydebuilt. I am responsible for the lead generation, and all sales and marketing activity related to conservatories, extensions, garden rooms etc. I assist in the confirmation of sales leads and provide support to our main lead confirmer to help her with technical queries and managing the sales diary depending on capabilities and availabilities of the field salespeople. I recruit, train, and motivate the field sales team, assist them with design and pricing queries, and generally drive them forward. I generate sales myself by speaking to customers on the phone and via email. And I assist the operations department with general customer service queries and after sales service. 

What area/region do you cover?  
Currently our net is cast across the whole of Scotland and the North of England. The main bulk of our work in in Central Scotland. 




How long have you worked with Eurocell products?   
 Personally I’ve used Eurocell products for around 8 years   
What is your favourite Eurocell product to work with?   
 I like the coastline composite cladding, and I like the flexibility of the Equinox roof at times.   
What is your favourite thing about your job?   
Building a design, creating a space and overcoming obstacles is the big driver for me. But this is sales oriented and sales driven – can’t beat that buzz of a securing a deal. Knowing you’ve provided a solution for a customer and turned dream into reality is really satisfying as well.   
What advice would you give to someone who would like to work in the trade?   
 It's not easy, it's not for everyone, work hard, be committed, listen, and learn from those who have been there and done it, but most of all be real. Be yourself, be honest, be true, treat customers as you would expect to be treated and always consider things from their angle so you can help provide the right solutions.   
What would you be doing if you weren’t in the trade?   
 I have absolutely no idea. I used to work in the sports and fitness industry, but you don’t do that for money, you do it out of passion. I’ve thought about leaving this industry several times but there isn’t anything like it and I’m good at it so I can’t really see myself getting the same enjoyment or financial reward from another job.   
Tell us one surprising fact about yourself. 
If you met me, it would surprise you to know I used to be a Personal Trainer and did approximately 3-4 hours of exercise per day between classes, coaching, playing sports and my own workouts. On paper it is not that surprising because you can't see the wee fat stocky guy that’s writing this. I got into this industry by complete fluke but have never looked back. 
Finally, to help us celebrate 50 years of Eurocell we have been sharing #GoldenNuggets of information on our social media channels, this includes helpful trade tips or tricks. 

What is your trade Golden Nugget of information?  
My Golden Nugget to a homeowner would be to go directly to a company who does everything in house in the first instance and get them to help you design and quote for building project. Architects are great for larger builds or where Planning Permission is needed, but for smaller projects they may not be the best cost option. Projects could be over-designed or over-engineered and not the most cost efficient, whereas a company has more experience building locally and is used to the cost of materials and the challenges that may be faced. 

If you want to be part of our Talk with a Tradie feature, get in touch today.


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