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The truth about window scrappage schemes

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9th May 2019

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about window scrappage schemes. Which schemes are endorsed by manufacturers? Which are Government backed? So, let’s get one thing clear at the beginning of this article:

There are currently no Government supported window or door scrappage schemes.

That’s right. None.

Often little more than a marketing gimmick by shady sales reps, window scrappage schemes – where your old windows are taken away by your installer whilst new ones are being fitted - are not only giving the glazing industry a bad name, but can also be detrimental to homeowners who believe they can be saving thousands of pounds on the replacement of their PVC-U windows and doors. In fact, many homeowners are told that in order to qualify for the scrappage scheme, and consequent discounts, a hefty deposit is required – to be paid on the spot.

Does Eurocell support a scrappage scheme?

Again, in a word – no. Eurocell currently does not endorse any external schemes. You may have seen our name used to support schemes in the past, but this is just another example of the dubious ways in which illegitimate companies try and secure business from unsuspecting homeowners.

One of the downsides of being a large company is that sometimes our name gets taken in vain by unscrupulous individuals. For any homeowners, installers or fabricators, any windows scrappage schemes using assets and quotes from our group to publicise themselves online and on social media are not genuine and we do not condone what is fraudulent behavior. The kind of behaviour our industry is trying to live down and leave behind us.

What are your options?

Fear not, a lack of official scrappage schemes does not mean your old PVC-U windows are destined to a life in landfill, there are options available. Having invested £10m over the past decade in Eurocell Recycle, our in-house recycling facility, in 2018 we were able to exceed our 2017 inputs of post-consumer material by over 15%. As a result of this achievement, last year we produced 12,500 tonnes of products made from recycled material. To make the recycling process even simpler, we can provide a fast and efficient waste processing service for waste companies, waste transfer stations, fabricators, specifiers and local authorities right across the UK.

When windows reach the end of their life, they are shredded, granulated and micronised. Using the granulated PVC-U, Eurocell then extrudes new profiles. This process can be repeated up to ten times using the same material, giving recycled PVC-U windows a lifespan of up to 350 years. By recycling as many end-of-life PVC-U window frames as possible, we are able to keep costs down for installers purchasing PVC-U frames, a saving that is passed on to homeowners.

At Eurocell, we don’t just make the quality materials behind PVC-U windows, doors, conservatories, roofline and more. We also make quality connections between the tradespeople who install them and the UK’s homeowners. For homeowners, our website is a great place to start looking for a local installer who’ll provide all the help, advice and guidance you need on choosing a window and door system that’s perfect for your home whilst also providing access to a high-quality installer in your area, making sure you don’t fall victim to cowboys.