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Tips for cutting & storage of profile during winter

28th October 2021

Tips for Storing & Cutting profile during the winter months

Storage of Profile

As the cold weather of winter descends on us it’s very important to re-engage with the rules around storage and cutting of window and door profile. Profiles should be stored horizontally and supported at a maximum of 1 metre intervals to prevent permanent distortion. Ideally profile should be stored at a temperature between 15°C and 25°C. They should be stored away from extremes of temperature and should not be exposed to strong sunlight or heat sources such as hot air blowers. Storing profile in direct sunlight can cause it to heat up which in turn could cause twisting and bowing.

If the profiles are stored outside they should be conditioned prior to sawing and welding for sufficient time for the profile to reach an even minimum temperature of 15°C in a dry clean environment. Profiles should be stored inside for at least 12 hours prior to use.

The consequence of cutting profile that is cold is splitting & chipping as the profile becomes more brittle when cold. It also can effect the performance of the welded joint as the profile is colder than ambient temperature so takes longer to melt.

Cutting of Profile

The cutting area and blade should be kept free of dirt and grease to avoid contamination of the weld. The saw should be capable of creating an accurate cut of 45° and be square to the bed of the saw. Saw blades should be checked regularly for sharpness and damage. The saw should have sufficient support and clamping to ensure correct orientation of the profile being sawn. Foil profile may need a slower saw blade travel to avoid chipping.
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