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Winter advice: 10 tips for storing and cutting window and door profile

21 December 2022

As the cold weather arrives, it’s important to make sure window and door profiles are stored appropriately.

Five key considerations are essential for storing profile during the winter months.

  1. Profiles should be stored horizontally and supported at a maximum of one metre intervals to prevent permanent distortion.
  2. Profiles should be stored between 15°C and 25°C.
  3. Profiles should not be exposed to strong sunlight or heat sources such as hot air blowers, both of which can heat up the profile and cause twisting or bowing.
  4. If the profiles are stored outside, they should be conditioned in a dry, clean environment to reach an even minimum temperature of 15°C before sawing or welding.
  5. Profiles should be stored inside for at least 12 hours prior to use. If you cut profile when it is cold, its brittleness means the risk of splitting and chipping is much higher. It also can affect the performance of the welded joint, as the profile is colder than ambient temperature so takes longer to melt.

5 tips for cutting profile

  1. Keep the cutting area and blade free of dirt and grease to avoid contamination of the weld.
  2. Confirm that the saw is capable of creating an accurate cut of 45° and is square to the bed of the saw.
  3. Check the saw blades regularly for sharpness and damage.
  4. Ensure the saw has sufficient support and clamping to guarantee correct orientation of the profile being sawn.
  5. Remember, foil profile may need a slower saw blade travel to avoid chipping.

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