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Eurocell passes the test at flagship student residence

Logik Innovation Reaches New Heights In Coventry

Winvic made an educated choice when they specified Eurocell windows and panels for a landmark Coventry development.

Home to 1,192 students, CODE Students Coventry is a flagship 23-storey accommodation block which, topping off at 76 metres, is the highest in the city.

Such a lofty achievement called for materials of equally high standing. Not only to shrug off the elements and maintain thermal efficiency. But also to cope with the rigours of student life without losing its looks.

Winvic understood that only a bespoke Logik tilt and turn widow system, designed in close collaboration with fabricator and installer Astraseal, would pass this test.

‘Eurocell were very good to work with. There was good communication, their technical teams were good to deal with. It all went very well.’
Mark McMullan, Astraseal

First off, the 2000 windows delivered an engaging lesson in physics. Their versatile design allows trickle ventilation when opened on the tilt. Or creates full purge when opened along the vertical frame axis.

To meet the safety and security requirements of a multiple-occupancy building, a bespoke pressed and perforated panel was needed for the outer frame.

Forming a strong, effective guard, this not only prevents falls from open windows, but is cleverly designed to reduce airflow by 50%. Which means even the highest windows can be left fully open to allow the right amount of fresh air in, but nothing out.

To be doubly safe, the panels are barrier loaded to prevent forcing from the inside.

The frames then delivered a lesson in economics, cutting costs by 57% against the original aluminium spec. Logik is far more energy efficient than aluminium too, which in turn means lower energy costs for the whole building.

There are three separate window frames to each apartment, joined together by specially engineered couplings to give the appearance of one continuous unit.

Taking into account the weight of the perforated safety screens and the increased wind loading at height, it was decided the frames needed to be reinforced - a challenge the Eurocell team was happy to accept, working closely with structural engineers and with fabricator and installer Astraseal to design a bespoke system that incorporates steel-reinforced bars inside the profile.

Both the couplings and the reinforcement were designed to different performance specs, depending on where they were to be used. The higher the location, the stronger the engineering. The glass was also fitted accordingly, keeping costs down by varying noise reduction performance from 30db to 42db in different areas.

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