In line with the latest government guidance, we are remaining open throughout the National Lockdown. As an essential business supporting the construction industry and the many self-employed tradespeople who rely on us, we remain open. As a “Covid Secure” business, we have extremely stringent measures in place to protect our staff and our customers.

What are we changing?

1. Queuing App
This will be suspended from Monday 19th July across all branches.

2. 2-Metre Distancing & One Way Direction in Branches
Distancing remains one of the most effective precautions against the spread of coronavirus.

3. Mask Wearing
All branch colleagues will still be required to wear a face mask to carry out close-proximity working, where 2m-distancing cannot be achieved. Customers are also required to wear a face mask in branch unless exempt.

4. Handwashing and Sanitising
Regular handwashing and sanitising remains one of the most effective controls against Covid-19.  The company will continue to provide handwashing facilities and hand sanitisers.  

5. Workplace Hygiene and Cleaning
Existing Covid Branch Structured Cleaning plan must be fully adhered to.

6. Workplace Controls (Counter Screens)
The Existing counter screens will remain in place.

7. Symptom and Positive Case Reporting


Our focus remains on safety, so we’ve made some changes. We’ve added Perspex screens to the trade counters, and you’ll find hand sanitizer throughout the branch. We’ve also made some changes to how things work in-branch:
  • Only 2 customers will be allowed at a time in the branch.
  • We’re asking you to stay 2m from staff and other customers at all times.
  • We’re still operating a contactless delivery service if you would prefer to order online.
  • Please listen to any direction given by our staff to ensure yours and their safety.
  • Our current opening hours are 7.30 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 12 pm Saturday.


All manufacturing sites are open, and delivery schedules have been re-established. Please email orders to, which is being centrally managed. If you have any questions, please use either the email address or call 0333 321 2353.

Please do not come into a branch if you have any Coronavirus symptoms or if you should be self-isolating.
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