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You’re never far from our expert advice and huge range of 6000+ products, plus thousands more made-to-order.

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For five decades, we’ve served fabricators, installers, and specifiers across the UK.

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Last year we recycled 3,000,000 window frames, showing our commitment to sustainable home improvement.

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We offer our fabricators the widest range of systems in the UK and the technical support to back it up.

CPD Courses

Get exclusive industry insights, improve your business’s performance, and amass the CPD points you need to accelerate your career progression with Eurocell’s range of fenestration webinars and seminars. Delivered by our experienced business development team, each session is tailored to give you the knowledge you need to maximise your results in the construction industry. We cover all aspects of PVC-U windows in two webinars:

PVC-U windows: value engineering and sustainability

This course offers in-depth information about the essential practice of value engineering in construction projects. Complete the course and you’ll learn:

  • The core essentials in any value engineering exercise
  • The aspect of a construction project that a value engineering assessment should never reduce
  • The overall benefits of value engineering to any construction or architecture professional

Sustainable use of PVC-U

This course explores how the use of sustainable PVC-U windows can maximise ROI for construction professionals and architects. Complete the course and you’ll learn:

  • The sustainable benefits of PVC-U windows
  • The importance of sustainable building design to the construction industry
  • How eco-friendly windows and green architecture can enhance the performance of a building and maintain its aesthetic appeal

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Learning & Development Courses FAQs

At Eurocell, we’re always happy to help. Check these FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions about our learning and development courses. We’ve listened to your most popular queries and gathered some helpful links and information. If your question remains unanswered, contact us today and one of our experts will give you everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I earn a CPD certification?
CPD certifications offer several benefits to a professional CV. Each accredited CPD programme has been reviewed and benchmarked, so you can be confident that the information and knowledge you receive is of the highest possible quality. CPD certifications also signal to current and future employers that you are committed to your professional development. Many companies prioritise building their employees’ CPD portfolios as this upskills the entire workforce. Taking matters into your own hands and independently securing CPD certifications demonstrates a proactive approach that is likely to pay dividends throughout your career.
What are CPD points?
Generally speaking, one hour of development, research, or anything that can count as ‘active learning’ is considered one CPD hour or one CPD point. So the longer any CPD programme takes, the more CPD points you will acquire. Some people attend full-day CPD construction courses. Others find that too challenging and instead prefer to participate in smaller one- or two-hour webinars whenever they have the opportunity. The trick is finding the right balance for you.
How many CPD points do I need?
This varies from one business to another. Some companies might set a target of 50 CPD points per year. Others may simply offer more general encouragement to commit some of your time to CPD sessions. Regardless of whether it is mandatory in your workplace, earning CPD points is always a valuable and positive endeavour. It shows to both current and future employers that you are dedicated to your craft.
How do I start a Eurocell CPD webinar?
Simply complete this form and a member of our team will be in touch to give you all the information you need. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sign up today!