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Delivery Vehicle Load Distribution and Security – Working Together to Ensure Safety


We request your assistance in helping to ensure that our delivery vehicles remain safe.



Two of the most critical aspects regarding the safety of our delivery vehicles are the distribution and security of the load on/within the vehicle.

Unevenly distributed or insecure loads may mean that both the load and the vehicle itself may be unstable, which can lead to loss of load and/or overturning of the vehicle while out on the road.  Clearly, any such incident could have very serious results – for both the driver and other road users or pedestrians.


When we load our vehicles to start a delivery run we carefully plan the loading for both delivery efficiency and for safety.  However, during multi-drop delivery runs, the nature and distribution of the load changes as we unload stillages and take on board empty stillages.

Therefore, we request your assistance in helping to re-distribute loads and ensure our vehicles remain safe.


Action to Ensure Safety

After every delivery drop, our drivers will re-evaluate the distribution and security of their load to determine whether it can be safely transported to the next destination.

We have instructed drivers that, in cases where they determine that the load is potentially unsafe and needs to be re-distributed, they must request assistance from the customer to re-distribute the load so it can be further transported safely.

Please help us to ensure safety throughout our supply chain by assisting our drivers in such requests and re-distributing stillages on the vehicle as directed by our driver.


We appreciate that your depot/operation may be busy and that your teams may face many pressures, but it is important for us to work together to ensure the safety of our employees and the general public.


I thank you in anticipation of your essential support on this matter.  Please ensure that your goods-in staff have been given the appropriate instruction or direction.

If you have any questions or can offer other suggestions to help ensure safety in our supply chain please let us know.

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