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We're giving recycling 100%

As the UK’s biggest manufacturer of PVC-U windows, doors and building products, we've worked hard to get on top of the plastic waste our industry produces and the amount of ‘virgin’ material we use. We’ve built and developed our own dedicated recycling centres at Ilkeston and Selby, and £3 million worth of investment later, we’re now at the point where almost 100% of our waste is processed to be reused and made into new high quality profiles.

And we’ve realised we can do more.

That’s we launched Eurocell Recycle - a dedicated collection and recycling service for all those involved in PVC-U fabrication and installation across the UK.

Increase your sustainability

We collect from your premises or any site you’re working on.

This is only possible because our service has the scale and resources support a truly nationwide network of collection vehicles and state-of-the-art recycling centres. Eurocell Recycle is set up to handle the high volume of PVC-U waste that other recyclers just don’t have the capacity to cope with.

From small quantities of say 30 to 40 old PVC-U frames or 100s from a large refurb project, Eurocell Recycle is your answer.

With us PVC-U waste is no problem, it’s an asset

The construction sector – like most of industry in UK – is under increasing pressure to get its sustainability act together. Some sections of the media and public opinion paint us as the ‘bad boys’; an industry that’s unwilling to change and dragging its feet when it comes to adopting greener practices.

But at Eurocell we believe the industry we’re proud to be involved with is part of the solution, not the problem.

The challenge for businesses large and small is that we all need to be profitable to move forward. The practical fact is, ever-more red tape and regulation tends to deflect us from our main business of getting things done, and built. In many ways the position we’re in is a ‘Catch-22’.

But at least on the issue of PVC-U waste in construction, there is now a solution that’s practical, affordable and totally sustainable. It’s also one that lightens the load for business by taking away the time and hassle of dealing with things like offcuts and end of life PVC-U windows, frames and doors - the Eurocell collection and recycling service.

Delivering true value

Choose Eurocell Recycle and you’re immediately saving the expense of tipping tickets, skip hire or the wasted time and money of taking your waste to a recycling centre.

Others will be keen to pay while they’re short of material, but when they’re at capacity you find they turn your waste away, and leave you in the lurch with a truckload of PVC-U to dispose of.

The comprehensive closed-loop, dependable service

With Eurocell Recycle, collections are always reliable, on time and risk assessed, so there are no extra health and safety headaches on your site when we call.

You also get a comprehensive Waste Transfer Note. It proves to your customer and the authorities that your offcuts and old frames have been handled responsibly and recycled into new products.

The key to the sustainability and dependability of our service is the fact it’s closed-loop. There are no third parties involved; we take care of collection, transport and all the paperwork so we can guarantee all the waste we handle is responsibly dealt with and returned to use.

As an extra level of certainty, Eurocell Recycle collection and processing is independently audited by Recovinyl, the Europe-wide initiative that promotes and encourages PVC-U recycling.

The closed-loop cycle

•Our collection vehicles collect end-of-life PVC-U from site, or offcuts and waste from fabricators 
•The waste is sorted, shredded, granulated and micronized 
•The PVC-U is formed into new profiles by extrusion 
•New units enter the cycle, providing a long service life and eventually, more raw material for further new profiles 

If you consider that PVC-U can be successfully recycled up to 10 times, and if a unit had a service life of say 30 years, the same PVC-U could be in use for three centuries!

Support the planet and your business

Sustainability is clearly a huge challenge to meet – and the only way we’re going to succeed for the benefit of future generations is to act positively, right now. The key is doing things differently, in ways that are practical, possible and affordable.

With us you’ll be helping make just that kind of change, one that’s good for our planet, and good for your business.

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