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Corporate Social Responsibility.

A culture of sustainability

•Waste Minimisation
•Community & Neighbourliness
•Environmental Responsibility and Carbon Footprinting
•Risk Management
•Beyond Legislation...

our obligation, as a business to society. We believe a business must recognise and minimise the economic, social and environmental impacts of their activities, and must integrate the demands of today’s society into their operations. It is our commitment to sustain and exceed this obligation, to facilitate this we implement the following CSR Policy.

Waste Minimisation

Eurocell Recycle works proactively to maximise recovery rate of non-PVCu material. The wood, aluminium or polythene removed from our closed-loop process is recycled with our third party companies and our gasket is used as flooring in the equine industry. Office paper waste is also recycled with our third parties. Eurocell Recycle further promotes a packaging returns policy, encouraging the return of our bulk bags and pallets from customers and similarly returning our incoming bags and pallets back to our suppliers.

Community & Neighbourliness

We are fully committed to corporate citizenship, engaging and supporting the area we operate in and the wider society. We frequently hold fundraising events for National Blind Children’s Association and sponsorships for the charity Kids in Action; for children with Leukaemia. We proudly uphold a Noise Suppression Policy for all new plant equipment, working with our suppliers to actively reduce noise emissions. Eurocell Recycle employs locally to support and contribute to our local economy, striving to make a positive impact, as a business to our local community now and into the future.

Environmental Responsibility and Carbon Footprinting

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. We ensure all our fleet drivers regularly attend comprehensive ‘economic driving’ courses. With our site being situated close to a SSSI, maintaining and enhancing the local biodiversity is especially critical, as a result Eurocell Recycle has introduced a company Biodiversity Action Plan, to ensure no net loss of biodiversity on site. Carbon Footprint monitoring using the University of Manchester’s CCaLC software has also been implemented on site to help us identify and act on emission hotpsots. Furthermore, in the strive for energy efficiency; we are currently undertaking an intensive monitoring program of the energy consumption of our heavy machinery, to help us identify ways in which we can improve.


The culture at Eurocell Recycle is one with our employees at the core, we are committed to empowering our employees to achieve their potential, whilst ensuring they act with the highest of integrity and ethical standards. We dedicate ourselves to equal opportunities for all employees regardless of race, gender, religion, age or ability, believing whole heartedly in social diversity and inclusion. Full and comprehensive training is offered to all staff, supporting them through their professional development, and promoting an efficient and effective business. We operate an Employee Communication Program whereby on regular basis; booklets and meetings are held with our employees to keep them up to date on business developments and news.

Risk Management

To manage the risks brought about from our business activities we operate many preventative techniques. Eurocell Recycle is a dedicated self-contained unit meaning pollution to the outside world is minimal. We have separate drainage facilities for foul and surface water, with an interceptor tank to filter the surface water before it is externally discharged. We embody a gravel core under the site to minimise any pollution into the water table and noise bunds to minimise noise pollution. The greatest risk on site is dust. We intensively monitor and report dust levels, and implement an array of dust filters to ensure a safe working environment for everyone at Eurocell Recycle.

Beyond Legislation...

Eurocell Recycle commits to voluntary standards that push our quality and service beyond that simply required by the law. These standards give our clients confidence in the quality and corporate responsibility of our services. The ISO 9001 standard rigorously standardises our quality management, whereas our commitment to the VinylPlus charter ensures sustainable development at our recycling plant. Eurocell Recycle are fully aware of the governments new Green Deal Initiative and seek to work proactively with Green Deal accredited installers.

... and into the future

To establish our CSR policy’s progression into the future we commit to:
•Complete our ISO 14001 accreditation.
•Extend our Carbon Footprint monitoring into our commercial contracts operations.•Support more projects in the local community.
•Act on the results of our energy efficiency and Carbon Footprint monitoring.

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