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We work alongside all sizes of business in the installation and fabrication industry; collecting even the smallest amounts of waste is not a problem. Even if you have just 30 to 40 frames to dispose of, that’s fine by us. Eurocell-Recycle is a national service, running a large fleet of vehicles and our own recycling plant, so we can collect from your premises or from wherever you may be working in the UK at the time. We take care of your waste storage on site too, providing pallets, cages or magnums so you can tidy the waste out of the way prior to our collection.

The fact is, our collections are reliable, on time and properly risk-assessed. That’s one less site Health & Safety issue to take up your time and attention, and a consistent programme of waste handling that lets you concentrate on your core, productive business.

We recycled 1.2 million window frames in 2018!

We're proud to announce that we beat our yearly recycling record by preventing 1.2 million window frames from ending up in landfill!


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