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Post-Consumer Frames

‘Post-consumer frames’ refers to any end-of-life window that has been removed from a property and no longer has a use in its current form. Historically there was no sustainable way to dispose of this material, so it got sent to landfill...but not anymore! We take post-consumer frames, recycle them and turn them into new products.

It’s environmentally responsible and sustainable to prevent post-consumer windows and doors going to landfill, but there are other benefits too. As well as being environmentally beneficial it has a direct impact on project delivery and cost effectiveness. Under current government commitments landfill tax is set to continue to rise. By adopting and implementing sustainable practices companies can manage resources, build their environmental reputation and ultimately reduce costs.

We operate a national collection service, with weekly contact from our procurement team enabling us to plan collections and service businesses on a regular basis. If you are a waste management or skip company then why not deliver in to us? Provided the loads meet our material conformance criteria we offer a swift tip at a competitive market price.

• Window/door frames must be minus the door panels, the glass, whole or dismantled
• Frames must be as clean as possible
• The hardware can be left on (hinges, handles and reinforcements)

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