Post-Industrial Offcuts

We collect Post Industrial material in the following forms:
• Bar length profiles
• Off-cuts
• Mis-measures
• All different system profiles accepted

We receive virgin scrap profiles from system suppliers and window fabricators who provide two principle raw materials, bar lengths and off-cuts. Cages and containers can be supplied free of charge and exchanged on a regular basis to reflect your volume requirements.

As each systems company has its own unique colour and formulation, Eurocell Recycle identifies and segregates each material batch at collection and operates an identification system to ensure traceability during storage and processing.

• Incoming materials are inspected and sorted to remove sources of contamination
• Material is graded before passing through the recycling process
• Material is size reduced by granulation to 6mm or 8mm chip, fine particles are removed
• Material passes through metal and rubber separation processes, colour separation and finally stringent quality control testing

The final product can be supplied as rechip or further processed into micronised powder or compounded into pellets.

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