Why recycle with Eurocell Recycle?

Let’s start with the bottom line: if you’re in the trade we guarantee to pay you the current market price for your UPVC waste. So with us you’re immediately saving the expense of tipping tickets, skip hire or the wasted time and money of taking your waste to a recycling centre.

Obviously Eurocell-Recycle is not the only operator in the UPVC collection business. We’re also first to admit that while we consistently pay the market rate, others may give you more – at least to start with.

What many businesses fail to appreciate is that the initial higher pay-out is unsustainable – the market rate is the market rate! So once they’ve hooked you in to their service, those ‘better’ paying operators may quickly nudge what they you pay down, hoping that as you’ve committed to their service you won’t want the hassle of starting all over again with someone else.

A fair price guaranteed for 12 months

We agree a price per tonne for the next 12 months with you at the outset, and that’s what you get paid with no ifs or buts, guaranteed.

And with that fixed price comes a level of service and reliability that’s fixed at a similarly high standard. That’s not always the case across the industry. In fact, some of our customers tell us they came to Eurocell Recycle after of a bad experience with other providers ‘buying’ their business with a generous initial price, only to fall down on their promises when it came to collections and customer service.

Some even found less scrupulous operators would pay a higher price when they were short of material, only to turn their waste away when the yard was full.

None of these issues will ever arise with Eurocell-Recycle.

Relax, we take care of the compliance issues

Choosing to trust Eurocell-Recycle with your UPVC waste collection means you get a comprehensive Waste Transfer Note for all your waste. It proves to the authorities that your offcuts and old frames have been handled responsibly and recycled into new products. It also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re being seen to do the right thing – none of your waste is going to landfill, or worse, ending up being fly-tipped by an unscrupulous operator.

Prove you care when you tender

Plastic pollution has never been a hotter topic. People have been shocked and angered by images of waste-filled seas, or supposedly recycled British plastic waste ending up piled in dumps in a developing country on the other side of the world.

So for increasing numbers of customers, what happens to the waste our industry produces is of vital concern. They want to be assured that your company handles waste responsibly.

If you’re working with larger organisations such as in the public and local authority sectors, you have to be really on the ball with a sound waste strategy to win and hold on to those projects. Many commercial clients will have their own corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets – they’ll want to see you prove you’re serious about professional waste arrangements when you tender, because it directly reflects on them.

Trusting your waste collection and recycling to Eurocell-Recycle is your answer. You’ll be partnering with the UK’s leading UPVC recycler, and with the recycling/tonnage certificates we supply for every load we take, you’ll have all the paperwork you need to back up your sustainability claims.

As an extra level of certainty, Eurocell-Recycle collection and processing is independently audited by Recovinyl, the Europe-wide initiative that promotes and encourages UPVC recycling.

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