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Eurocell. Defining Sustainability

These days, the word “sustainability” seems to crop up everywhere. Whether that’s in news reports, magazine articles, advertising campaigns or emblazoned on the side of lorries. But is it just another business buzzword? Or are we genuinely making a shift in the way we think and act, in order to protect and preserve the world we live in for future generations? While “Green Issues” like recycling and sustainability were on the fringe 20 years ago, these days they’re right at the heart of business with sustainability having a huge influence on every aspect of every industry.

But do we all know what it actually means? And, more importantly, do we know enough about sustainability to play our part in achieving it?

Isn't sustainability all about recycling?

Recycling plays a significant role in making industry sustainable. That’s why Eurocell is so heavily committed to recycling every single piece of UPVC waste we create. Not only that but we aim to bring as many post consumer window frames, doors, conservatories and building items as possible back into the production process, keeping tonnes of UPVC out of landfill. 

In fact, as a result of our £10million investment in recycling over the past 10 years, our 2 recycling plants and our Nationwide collection service, we’re now achieving highly impressive recycling figures like this: 1.2 million frames retrieved and recycled in 2018, plus 3,000 tonnes of production waste recycled in our “closed loop” system.

It’s all part of our contribution to the circular economy - a global shift towards reclaiming used raw materials and keeping them in the supply chain via reusing and recycling.
It’s a methodology that’s not just good for the environment but for the global economy too, salvaging billions of pounds’ worth of raw material for re-use, where it had previously been simply thrown away and lost forever. 

However, impressive as all these achievements are, sustainability is about much more than recycling. And at Eurocell, we’re working harder than ever to achieve maximum sustainability in every aspect of our business.

The Three Pillars of Sustainability

True sustainability is split into three categories, or “the three pillars of sustainability”.

Environmental Sustainability

Recycling falls under environmental sustainability and is all about reusing raw materials to preserve resources and minimise our impact on the environment.We think we’ve made our commitment to recycling clear but we practice environmental sustainability other areas of our business too.

Our fleet of forklift trucks runs on Calor’s BioLPG. It’s a green alternative to LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), made from a blend of sustainably sourced vegetable oils, residues and waste. While it’s chemically identical to conventional LPG, it’s also 40% renewable, making it the natural choice.

Further proof of Eurocell’s commitment to environmental sustainability is our signing up to “Operation Clean Sweep”, a global initiative to stop plastic pellets, flakes and powders entering the environment. By signing up, we’ve dedicated ourselves to best practice at all times and to implementing systems to prevent plastic pellet loss. This means we’ll be playing a significant part in protecting our aquatic environment by reducing, with an aim to completely removing, the risk of ‘microbead’ materials entering our streams, rivers and oceans.

Social sustainability

At Eurocell, social sustainability means looking after the wellbeing of our employees, our neighbours and our planet. To that end we have a highly developed culture of Health and Safety in every part of our business, with a ‘safety first’ approach to everything. This has resulted in an enviable accident record that is among the very best.

We don’t just care about our employees’ physical wellbeing, we’re also committed to facing the mental-health issues that for too long have been overlooked in many workplaces. Our managers have access to the MIND toolkit in order to help all of our staff who may be dealing with mental heath issues and encourage open communication at all times.

We also provide a platform for employees to raise any concerns they may have around any illegal, illicit or suspicious activity, inside or outside the business, without fear of reprisal or prejudice. 

We take a zero tolerance approach to any form of discrimination and embrace cultural differences wherever we operate. We’ve long recognised the benefits of encouraging diversity across our business and believe that it’s a contributing factor in our continuing success.

We’re an equal opportunities employer regarding gender or other diversity based factors such as, (but not exclusively), ethnicity, nationality or mobility, and that goes for opportunities for advancement and promotion within our business.We’ve also revised our recruitment and promotion policies to narrow the gender pay gap that’s existed for too long in many industries, not just our own.

Economic sustainability

One of the ways we achieve economic sustainability is by bringing out the very best in our staff through modern, agile training and development. This allows all of our employees to progress and reach their full potential within the company.We recognise that our workforce is one of our most valuable assets, so we go to great lengths to ensure they enjoy working with us.

We also do our best to support local businesses and create employment wherever we operate. In fact we recently created over 100 jobs in our Ilketson Recycling Plant.

It’s our policy to always pay fair wages to employees and to pay all our suppliers promptly and at fair rates.

It’s all part of our contribution to the local economy and economic sustainability as a whole.

We’d like to believe that Eurocell leads the way in sustainability in our industry and hope that everything you’ve read leads you to agree. 

This world belongs to all of us, and it’s our duty to sustain it for the future.

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