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Guttering Supplies and Downpipes

Efficiently channel rainwater away with Eurocell's Guttering and Downpipes. Our system safeguards against leaks, flooding, erosion, and structural damage by diverting water from your roof and foundation. 

Fit fast and forget. That’s the promise with Eurocell’s high capacity UPVC guttering and downpipes. Suitable for domestic and commercial properties, choose from up to four attractive colours in a variety of styles to suit your needs – free delivery on orders over £50.

Eurocell guttering and downpipe supplies on brick houseEurocell guttering and downpipe supplies on brick house

Why choose Eurocell UPVC guttering?

Long-lasting, weatherproof finish

Easy-clip design for fast installation

100% recyclable 

Different sizes, styles and colours

All the guttering supplies you need

Half-round guttering
A thick gutter extrusion guarantees sturdiness. Available in 2m and 4m lengths. Widely used for residential buildings.

Square guttering
Contemporary, distinctive style suitable for all residential properties. Easy-clip design for fast installation. Choose from 2m and 4m lengths. Brackets, adaptors and accessories available.

Ogee guttering
A first-class aesthetic that improves the appearance of any property. Sturdy and ideal for larger homes, conservatories, and even small commercial premises. Available in 4m lengths.

Deepflow guttering
Designed to handle large volumes of water with ease. The outlet design encourages a vortex effect for greater flow down the pipe.

Guttering and Downpipe FAQs

At Eurocell, we’re always happy to help. Check these FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions about garden and outdoor. We’ve listened to your most popular queries and gathered some helpful links and information. If your question remains unanswered, contact us today and one of our experts will give you everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a standard gutter size?
Typically, seamless gutters for residential homes come in a standard size of 5 inches. However, you have other popular options like 4-inch, 6-inch, or even 7-inch gutters for specific situations.
What are the most common types of gutters?
Homeowners often prefer aluminum or vinyl gutters, with both seamed and seamless varieties available. Seamed gutters, in aluminum or vinyl, come in sections that are assembled, making installation a breeze. Eurocell also offers seamless gutter options for a hassle-free solution.
Should a downpipe go into a drain?
Yes, a downpipe should lead into a drain, directing roof water away from the building's foundation into surface water drains for proper drainage and foundation protection.
Are gutters affected by building regulations?
Guttering must adhere to building regulations, specifying downpipe placement, size, drainage choices, and required flow rates. Eurocell offers solutions aligned with these regulations for seamless compliance.
How to clean gutters?
Seal the downpipe base with a cloth to prevent debris from entering the drain. Use a small trowel to scoop out leaves and silt from the gutter. Unseal the downpipe and flush both the gutter and downpipe with water.
What to do if gutters are overflowing?
Issue: Overflowing gutters often occur due to blockages in the gutter or downpipe, causing rainwater backup and spillage. Solution: Verify water flow towards the designated outlet and avoid pooling concerns.
Can blocked gutters cause mould inside?
If you spot mould and mildew on your walls or ceiling, it might signal clogged gutters. In such instances, stagnant water in the gutter after rainfall contributes to mould and mildew growth.
Who is responsible for guttering on terraced houses?
While you're accountable for the gutters directly attached to your property, regular maintenance benefits both you and your neighbor. Collaboration in gutter care ensures the well-being of your shared environment.

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