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Ever wondered how you can avoid that horrible black mould which always seems to grow between the tiles in your bathroom, shower or kitchen?

It’s a very common problem that most of us find impossible to keep at bay. Magical spray-on cleaners don’t seem to make much of an impression, and grout whiteners only appear to work for a few months. Maybe the secret is scrubbing away with a toothbrush and some bleach cleaner almost every other day…

It’s even worse if the grout is past its best, because water can get behind the tiles and start any number of serious issues you can’t see. The joys of wet rot in structural wood, fungus and progressive problems in the wall behind often don’t show until a lot of expensive damage has been done.

You’d think in this day and age there’d be a better idea? You’re right, there is.

Decor Cladding Premium Decor Cladding
Internal cladding

Cladding panels have everything covered

There’s more to Eurocell wall cladding than shower panels, bathroom panels and kitchen wall panels. Plastic wall cladding can make a transformational difference to any and every room in your home, and that even includes the ceilings.
The fast and easy fit nature of our wall cladding panels makes for an excellent low cost alternative to traditional wall and ceiling finishes throughout your property. 

So for instance, if you have cracked, loose or uneven plaster to deal with, or old-school swirling artex you’d like to see the back of, interior cladding is the simple, high quality fix. If it’s a new build, decorative wall panels are a brilliant answer. And if you’re renovating an older home, you can choose an interior cladding in a finish to complement existing features, or bring it bang up to date with one of our more modern options.

You can choose from a wide array of contemporary designs. Maybe you’ll add a touch of subtle marble or sparkle, go for tactile matt (easily cleaned when sticky little fingers have been at work), or select a light reflecting high gloss finish for a feeling of space and brightness. For a more classic look, you can finish the ceiling with tongue and groove timber design interior cladding and easily add discreet downlights.

The secret of Eurocell UPVC wall cladding lies in the exacting design and manufacture of the wall cladding panels themselves, and the system’s high quality corner and finishing trims. With no question over the premium standards we engineer our products by, installers find it straightforward to complete a perfect installation every time, quickly and efficiently.

Low maintenance, hygienic, high style with perfectly flat faces and straight corners – Eurocell wall cladding panels make a stunning difference and keep their looks for years to come.

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Decor Cladding

With 17 colours in the range, available in solid or hollow panels, and various sizes the decor cladding range is perfect for any room in your house. Our 5 year warranty ensures that you get a quality product for your home.

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Decor Colour Options
White Sparkle High Gloss White Sparkle High Gloss
White Silver Embedded High Gloss White Silver Embedded High Gloss
White High Gloss White High Gloss
White Embedded High Gloss White Embedded High Gloss
White Ash Matt White Ash Matt
Stone Grey Tile Stone Grey Tile
Stone Graphite Tile Stone Graphite Tile
Stone Beige Tile Stone Beige Tile
Soft Grey Marble High Gloss Soft Grey Marble High Gloss
Smoke Grey Small Tile Smoke Grey Small Tile
Smoke Grey Large Tile Smoke Grey Large Tile
Pergamon Marble High Gloss Pergamon Marble High Gloss
Black Sparkle High Gloss Black Sparkle High Gloss
Black Silver Embedded High Gloss Black Silver Embedded High Gloss
Beige Large Tile Beige Large Tile
Anthracite Large Tile Anthracite Large Tile

Premium Decor Cladding

Available in 14 different colours our 10mm thick premium decor cladding comes with a 10 year warranty and is available in 1m wide boards.

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Premium Decor Cladding Color Options
White Sparkle White Sparkle
White Gloss White Gloss
Travertine Marble Travertine Marble
Stone Brick Matt Stone Brick Matt
Rainbow Sparkle Rainbow Sparkle
Pergamon Marble Pergamon Marble
Light Grey Marble Light Grey Marble
Copper Copper
Concrete Concrete
Black Sparkle Black Sparkle
Sandstone Matt Sandstone Matt
Light Grey Tile Matt Light Grey Tile Matt
Grey Slate Matt Grey Slate Matt
Dark Grey Tile Matt Dark Grey Tile Matt

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