How to get Aspect bifold doors

More Aspect bi-fold door benefits, at a glance

secure bifold
Security you can trust
colour swatches
Widest choice of colours
easy glide
Smooth and easy operation
The UK's most accredited door

low threshold
Low threshold access
Keeps draughts out
More glass = more light
manufactured in the UK
Designed and manufactured in the UK

Why you should be asking for an Aspect bi-fold door in your home.

The Eurocell Aspect collection of UPVC bi-fold doors give your home the style it deserves, while providing you with the peace of mind you demand. Whichever design you choose, the range creates an open space up to 6-metres wide that allows air and light to flood into your home and provides a seamless connection between your interior and garden.

Security you can trust

The security of your home is vitally important. Precisely why we have built our doors with enhanced security features, which has earned us the comprehensive PAS 23/24 security certification.

Stainless steel anti-jemmy pins are also an integral part of our door design to prevent them being forced open from the outside by intruders.

A wider choice of colours and finishes

Eurocell Aspect bi-fold door hardware is bespoke, British-designed and assembled – and available in a wide range of colours and finishes to make it easy for you to create a look that complements your home’s existing design. Whether you want to match your existing décor, or make a bold contrast, our panoramic doors are a stylish way to bring indoor and outdoor living together.

Available in:

• White

• Cream

• Golden

• Oak

• Golden Oak (White interior)

• Rosewood

• Rosewood (White interior)

• Irish Oak

• Irish Oak (White interior)

• Black Ash

• White Ash (White interior)

• Grey (White interior)

Other colour combinations are available to special order on extended lead times

Smooth and easy operation

Each Eurocell bifold UPVC door has a built-in four-rail aluminium roller track so that it glides open or closes smoothly and effortlessly. The unique D-shaped interior handle allows the doors to fold back flatter. So when they’re open they look much neater and won’t distract from the beautiful view of your garden. Plus, the D-handle has an intelligent anti-mishandling feature which stops your floor from being scraped by the shoot bolts, and protects the bolts from damage – the main cause of repairs on folding sliding doors.

Easy to fit too

Not only does the outer frame contain all the door hardware inside the frame, but, as long as you're installing your doors in an existing aperture, there’s no need to cut plaster or make alterations in your home to make sure the doors fit. Which means lots less disruption and mess in your home when they’re installed.

The UK's most accredited door

BBA & Secured By Design Certificate no13/5043

Aspect is the first and only bifold door on the market to gain British Board of Agrément (BBA) approval. What’s more, they are Secured by Design approved, which means they have been passed by the Police for use in secure external door systems. 

secured by design

Low-threshold access

In addition to the standard threshold, we offer various options if you require a flusher fitting low-threshold. For external doors, we offer three low-threshold options, including a double ramp threshold that allows easy pushchair and disabled access, as set out by the Building Regulations. If you want a low-threshold for an internal bifold door, we can also provide a flush-fitting threshold that allows seamless integration of two room.

Keeps draughts out

Eurocell Aspect UPVC bifold doors are manufactured with a square-edge profile that gives a superior seal along door edges, making them draught and weatherproof. Tested to BS6375-1:2009 (Performance of Windows and Doors), Eurocell bifold doors far exceed the minimum requirements set out for the most extreme weather test. They also meet the British Standard minimum requirements for construction, security, safety, weather-tightness and strength of performance.

Letting fresh, cool air in

These stylish bifold doors really come into their own in summer thanks to openings of up to 6-metres wide that help you bring the outside in. Depending on your chosen configuration, different opening positions allow fresh, cool air to flow into your home on hot days and create the perfect integration between home and garden. 

More glass = more light

Unlike traditional French doors, Aspect bifold doors open to reveal an aperture that’s up to 90% clear which lets more air than ever circulate when they’re open on hot days; and maximum natural light to brighten up your space whether they’re open or closed. Because…

Bifold means more glass, less frame

Eurocell Aspect bifold doors have been designed with slimmer, uncluttered sightlines to make them less obtrusive. So you see less of the doors and more of your garden or the interior of your home.

A new design that cleverly hides the door seals means you won’t see any unsightly lines between the doors when they’re closed, further enhancing the streamlined look and feel of your new doors. And to complete their clean, simple lines, we also give you the option of a flush-fitting low threshold below the doors which reduces trip hazard and helps with access for tricky to handle prams or buggies.

Make more of your living area

Aspect bifold doors create a wider opening space than French or inline patio doors, letting you expand your living area whenever you wish. Doors can be manufactured up to an impressive six metres wide, offering a simple yet stunning way to enhance your environment, and when fully retracted they quickly turn your outside area or patio into another useable room.

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More about bifold doors
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How bifold doors work

Bifold doors are mounted on tracks with pivots that mean they’re easy to open, close or fold away. They are normally fitted with a ‘traffic door’ to conveniently allow people in and out without opening the full width of the doors.

Your bifold door questions answered

Yes. Skilled engineers who have extensive experience in designing both windows and patio doors have designed the Aspect bifold door system, which is why we know an Aspect bifold is perfect for replacing French doors. Aspect bifold doors are not only for larger properties.

Also Aspect bifold doors can be configured to make a single and French doors.
The largest recommend width for the whole bifold door depends on the style required. For example the combination of the main traffic (day to day opening) door and the other door leafs, it is recommended using the following guidelines to decide the number of panes required.

Max 2 pane complete size = 1855mm
Max 3 pane complete size = 2775mm
Max 4 pane complete size = 3675mm
Max 5 pane complete size = 4575mm
Max 6 pane complete size = 5475mm
Max 7 pane complete size = 5975mm

Please note that these recommended limits are measurements from outer frame to outer frame.

We do not recommend any individual door in the bifold set to be over 900mm wide.

The recommended minimum individual door width is 600mm but they can be made as small as 330mm. ***The recommended max sash height is 2300 and the minimum is 840mm
All councils have different regulations relating to windows and doors in conservation areas, so planning permission may be required. You’ll need to contact your local planning department.

In conservation areas architectural and colour restrictions may apply, so again you should contact your local council’s planning team before commencing with any work.
Bifold doors as part of a new conservatory or extension would be covered by planning permission for that conservatory or extension, but building regulations must be adhered to.

Normally, replacing like for like in existing structures (e.g. bifold door replacing French door) would not require planning permission.

However, if you’re at all unsure you should contact your local planning authority.

If you require any technical information as part of your application this can be obtained directly from Eurocell.
The Aspect system can be triple glazed, therefore it’s possible to achieve a significantly low u-value such as 0.9, which can save you money on your heating bills.

And for your piece of mind Aspect bifold door system comes with accreditation from the British Board of Agrément (BBA). This means our bifold system has been approved for the construction industry as meeting or exceeding required build standards.

•Aspect has achieved the PAS24 accreditation.
•Meets requirements for Part Q.
•Meets Part M “Access to and use of Buildings” with low threshold option.
The profile used to make our bifold door system comes with a 10-year guarantee against warping, cracking and discoloration while our bespoke hardware carries a 5-year guarantee.

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