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How well do you know your UPVC windows?

For something we spend most of the time looking through rather than looking at, choosing new windows can occupy a huge amount of our time and raise a lot of questions.

What style? What colour? What’s the difference between casement windows and sash windows? What about maintenance? And energy efficiency?

So to help you sort the essential information from the marketing fluff, we’ve prepared this easy explainer to UPVC windows in all their various shapes (or ‘profiles’ as they say in the industry), formats and sizes.

Casement windows

The simplest of all window designs, and perhaps for that reason the UK’s most popular in terms of sales and installations, the casement window consists of a fixed, glazed frame and a second side hinged frame, or ‘casement’, with a simple opening mechanism to let fresh air into your home.

Part of the appeal of the UPVC casement window is undoubtedly price. Quick and easy to fabricate and install, it’s one of the most cost effective ways to add A+ double glazing efficiency to your home.

Yet at the same time, it can embrace a huge variety of styles. The very simplicity of the casement design makes it suitable for pretty much any type of home from the traditional to the ultra-modern.

In fact, between our established Eurologik system, with its choice of colours and classic ovolo profile (that’s the ridged beading you see around the inside of the window frame) and our newer Modus system offering more options for colours, profiles and frame styles than any other UPVC window system, the permutations are practically endless.

If you think casement windows are the right choice for your home, we can help. There's lots more information on our UPVC casement windows pages here. Alternatively we're always on hand to answer any questions through our handy contact form here.

Vertical sliding sash windows

Vertical sliding sash windows (or VS windows for short) are a modern version of the ubiquitous sash window, invented in the mid 17th century and used widely in everything from grand European palaces to the humble back-to-back terrace.

Today, most wooden sash windows are well past their sell by date and our UPVC vertical slider windows are the perfect way to swap draughts, leaks and rattles for smart, precision engineered UPVC.

Just like the sashes they’re designed to replace, sash windows feature two moveable casements that can be slid up and down independently to control room temperature with surprising precision. Unlike most original wooden sash windows, however, they can be unlatched from their rails and tilted inwards to make cleaning easier and safer.

Vertical sliding sash windows are perfectly suited to Georgian and Victorian style homes, with extra flourishes like Georgian bars and decorative horns adding to the sense of period authenticity.

Bear in mind, though, if you live in a conservation area you may find there are limitations on which materials your windows can be made from, so always ask your local planning office for advice before going ahead with any alterations.

For more information on the benefits of UPVC Vertical Sliding windows you can visit our sliding sash pages here. Plus we're always on hand to answer any questions through our contact form here.



Modus windows

The Modus window and door system represents the pinnacle of our know-how after 40 plus years in the industry.

What’s so special about it? Well, with a number of frame and casement styles, eight window and door designs and dozens of colours to choose from, the combinations available run into their thousands.

For example, four different sash styles ranging from the standard rebate (that’s the degree to which the casement frame stands proud of the window frame) to a fully flush design instantly expand the options available.

Whichever one you settle on, you’ll enjoy wider views and more light thanks to the slimmer profile on all our Modus products – the result of advanced fabrication techniques that actually reduce frame depth while adding strength.

Get closer and you’ll discover finer details like the mechanical joint on our Modus S frames. Designed for use with our realistic woodgrain effect UPVC, this clever fabrication technique imitates the square joints used in traditional joinery, doing away with the telltale diagonal weld used in standard UPVC windows.

But it’s not just in the looks department that Modus scores so much higher than other UPVC window systems. When it comes to energy efficiency, it’s way out in front as well.

The A++ energy efficiency rating that comes with our triple glazed Modus S frames is on a par with the self-sufficient Passivhaus homes you see featured in self build programmes on TV. Which means, even if you’re not going the whole hog with an airtight building envelope and ground source heating, you’ll still see a big difference in your heating bills.

With so many variations on window design, colour, format and finish, Modus is ideal for… well, more or less every kind of home.

So whether you live in a contemporary city apartment, a leafy suburban semi or traditional country cottage, you’ll find a style that’s exactly right for you.

Modus can make a significant difference to any home. If you'd like to see more, visit our Modus UPVC windows pages here. Or contact us through our contact form page for a quick response.

Reversible windows

Pivoting a full 180 degrees on specially designed brackets, reversible windows introduce an extra degree of flexibility to window design. You can clean the outside of your windows safely and easily from inside your home, and because the reversible frame never actually enters the room space as it turns, there’s no need to move ornaments or curtains out of the way.

With no casement frame or glazing bars to obstruct the view, reversible windows let more light in too. And they can be securely locked in a partially open position to provide safe, secure ventilation for comfort and peace of mind.

UPVC reversible windows are an ideal choice for apartments or houses with windows that are difficult to access for cleaning and maintenance from outside. They also bring an instant air of modernity to any home when they’re used to replace more traditional designs.

You can read more about reversible UPVC windows here.

Tilt and Turn

Just like a Rubik’s cube that can be turned first in one direction and then another, tilt and turn windows appear at first glance to defy the laws of physics.

On closer inspection, however, you can see the ingenious engineering that allows them to be opened fully like a side hinged casement window – ideal for cleaning the outer glass on first floor windows if you’re not comfortable up a ladder - or tilted inwards on a bottom set of hinges for safe, secure nighttime ventilation in kids’ bedrooms.

Tilt and turn windows are ideal if you’re after that uncluttered, modern look to your home. With no glazing bars or mullions to block the view, they’re a great way to showcase a back garden and bring the maximum amount of light into your home through a given window space.

And because every one of our tilt and turn windows is made to our order, we can match your windows to your exact specifications. Not just for size, but for any colour and finish you choose from the dozens of options available.

For more on tilt and turn windows, visit our dedicated pages here. Alternatively fill in our handy contact form for a quick response.



UPVC. The material benefits

Now we’ve talked about all the different UPVC window options available, here’s a final word about the material they’re all made from.

UPVC dominates the double glazing window market for a very good reason, and that’s the fact that it’s incredibly durable.

Unlike timber frames, UPVC windows don’t need repainting every year or two to keep up their appearance. Once installed, they’re virtually immune to damp, rain and the freezing temperatures that can cause lesser materials to warp and rot.

And by way of an answer to those who say UPVC windows have resulted in a landscape of identikit houses sporting the same brilliant white frames from one street to the next, the industry now produces a dazzling array of colours and finishes to suit everything from Grand Design inspired flights of architectural fancy to quaint Cotswold style cottages.

Stylish, secure and sustainable, UPVC Windows for every home.

Of course, UPVC windows aren’t just there to look pretty. Within our range, you’ll find the highest energy rated windows on the market. Many of our window systems are made from 100% recycled UPVC components, so they’re not just high quality, they’re sustainable too. And for added peace of mind, all of our UPVC windows come with a high security frame with a multi-point locking system.

Choose your style from our list of UPVC windows above:

UPVC windows FAQ

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Need to know more?

We hope this quick round up of the main UPVC window systems has given you a better picture of what’s available and helps you make the right choice for your home.

But if you have any questions at all about our window ranges, or any other Eurocell products, please call our customer service team on 0300 333 6525.

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